A real live shoot-out


Last week, in the back yard of my home, there was a real live shoot out. It was a gunfight, with lethal ammunition.

Thankfully, I was away from home that evening. When I returned the next day, my neighbors told me that some sort of local dispute had migrated into my yard, and gunfire erupted.

Needless to say, I was deeply upset that my little neighborhood of mostly single family homes, and many children, was the location of such extreme violence.

I am still very troubled about this incident, and I fear that more violence will occur.


If I were you I would sprinkle holy water around my property and say a prayer of protection, and also a prayer for those involved in the violence.


That is scary!

The same thing happened to us at our old location, also a normally quiet neighborhood with young families and elderly. What caused it was that and elderly couple went into the nursing home and sold their home for dirt cheap, and low-lifes moved in. They upset the entire neighborhood. Constantly cops at their house, ambulances on occasion, a drug bust out in the daycare playground behind my backyard while I watched!, then later two drive by shootings, one which put holes in my neighbor's siding.

It did get under control once the boys were arrested.....one died of a drug overdose as soon as he was released and the other committed suicide. :(

What sad lives.


That was just a manifestation of the real battle we’re all in, whether we realize it or not. The real battle makes all the wars of mankind seem like a picnic in the park by comparison.

The real battle is for the eternal destiny of our souls, and is between the powers of good and the powers of darkness, principalities and powers. It is the battle which will decide our eternal destiny.


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