A real "you know you're Catholic when..." moment

I was going to meet some friends at a cafe recently, which has a little outside garden area with a round bird-table hanging from the roof by the door. Anyway, as I walk inside, I instinctively dip two fingers in the water bowl on the bird table, raise it to my forehead and then think “Wait a minute!”:doh2::tsktsk:

Just thought I’d share.

I love it!!!

ahhhh:)! those wonderful moments: it is called the bird poo facial cream: just …um… in case someone asks:)! Never had that one happen: but others:)!

“His training was so well rooted.
The next day he saluted
Two ushers, a Good Humor Man and a nun:nun1:
It makes a fella proud to be a soldier”
-Dr Tom Lehrer, "A night wasted with Dr Tom Lehrer

A fellow that earned his way through Hahvad (use an R go to jail.) By singing crazy songs for tips in the student lounge. My mother got me into him so this is why I am so demented today. By the way neither one of went to Hahvad:crying::nerd:

thanks for sharing

Brilliant - I so needed a giggle - thanks


Yep, that’s like leaving a movie theater and genuflecting when you leave your row.

A true story of Catholic urband legend makings:

A priest was testing a microphone to see if it was working.
He asked,"is this thing on?"
To which the congregation responded,“And also with you.”

I’ve probably scandalised my friend’s Lutheran church. The first time I entered I genuflected and made the sign of the cross before sitting down. I’m also apparently the only person to make the sign of the cross during the “absolution” and at the final blessing when the minister traced one over the congregation. Don’t worry didn’t recieve communion.

Or when you watch Star Wars and automatically respond to ‘may the Force be with you’ with ‘and also with you’. :smiley:

Or when you walk into your darkened linen closet/broom closet/pantry, cross yourself and start saying ‘Bless me, Father for I have sinned …’ :stuck_out_tongue:

I started to do that once, very late on a Sunday night and running on autopilot.

I’ve heard it before but the priest said, “There’s something wrong with this mic.”:stuck_out_tongue:

I teach in a public school, but I grin because every year at least one of my Catholic kids crosses themselves after the pledge of allegience. (I’ve caught myself going to cross myself after the pledge too!) I also loved it when we had to watch the inaugeration and Rick Warren introduced the Our Father the way they do at Mass, and over half the kids present started saying the Our Father right along with him.:smiley: Of course, their teacher joined in too.:wink:

Been there, (almost) done that!

Many 12 step meetings close with the Our Father. Some hold hands while doing this.

You can always tell which ones are Catholic because they either stop after “deliver us from evil”… or raise their hands when we say, “For the kingdom…”

It’s always a dead giveaway. LOL I love it!

in Christ

Technically: I shiver when people hold hands during the Our Father: it’s so personal: as to genuflecting in the cinema: and with you also on the force, and so many others:( oops, not confessing in public, ha ha:)!

[SIGN] I shiver when people hold hands during the Our Father: it’s so personal:[/SIGN]

I couldn’t help but laugh at your comment that it’s so personal: That’s why it’s called the OUR Father. I have no problems with those who prefer not to hold hands, but we are all about being one in the Body of Christ, so much so that Jesus taught us to pray to “Our” Father.

Please don’t be so sure that you’re right and everyone else is wrong.

In Christ’s peace and joy,


A really cute catholic moment of humor.
I was acolyting with a friend of mine who had his then 6 year old son with him which we let sit up with us and “suit up” when it came time for the recitation of the creed little Andrew placed his hands over his heart and recited the most solemn and important speech he knew::highprayer::signofcross:
****Space the final frontier…****To say the least it was hard not to crack up at the sight!:yup::amen:

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