A Recent Record I bought

I’m 26, and I’ve been collecting records for over 12 years. Recently, I found a pristine recording of Bl. Pope John Paul II’s Papal Mass in Chicago’s Grant Park in 1979:

I bought it; as a life-long Chicago resident I really wanted to be a part of a great, historical moment that I wasn’t present at. I finally played it tonight. It now makes sense why it’s in such good shape.

The Holy Father is recorded for probably less than a minute on the whole recording.

Everything is is awful music, “hymns” and a setting specially composed for this event by Alexander Peloquin.

Some things sound like the soundtrack to Ben Hur (complete with cymbals and tambourines), others sound like Leonard Bernstien compositions. I recognized the “Gloria” and “Our Father,” as my parish stopped using this awkward setting about 10 years ago.

I just cannot believe the Pope celebrated mass for over a million people here with this awkward, almost-irreverent music.

(And this record dosen’t contain the famous “Allelujia” made popular here in Chicago by PJPII)

Well I’m a lover of tradition music but I have to agree on your points. The cd was quite lack luster.

There was such a big crowd there (at the Pope’s Mass) that people probably didn’t even hear or pay attention to the music.

Alexander Peloquin is a New England institution. Watch what you say about him! :wink:

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