A record 61% of Americans now want weed to be legalized across the US, with

Are we on the verge of changing to a treatment based drug policy instead of a law enforcement based policy?

I had 3 puffs back about 40 years ago…didn’t do a thing but make me cough…I’ve had friends over the years who have smoked dope much of their lives…held down jobs …raised families and still lead good lives…no troubles with the law…I have a son in law now who smokes it for his Rheumatoid Arthritis ( not medical marijuana…lol )…he swears it helps the pain…I’m sort of neutral on this.


The government needs to back off. Legalization is just another way of raising taxes.

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Once the stigma and rarity settles down they’ll find it’s hard to tax something that everyone can grow in their own yard.

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You can grow marijuana, but it won’t be like the stuff available on the market.

Tell that to all the patients who have been legally growing their own medicine for decades.

I can’t grow pomegranates to the size and uniform shape of the store bought variety. But when in season that tree is gleefully my nearly free source of all my pomegranates.

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