A recurring dream: Squatters on our property

I have had, in various forms, recurring dreams about people squatting/trespassing on our property, flopping out on our deck, and even entering our home and refusing to leave, even beating me up in the last one. When asked to leave, every time, one or more of them becomes defiant. I don’t know what, if anything, these dreams are trying to tell me, but I have them often, and each time they seem to escalate a little more.

Any ideas?

Perhaps this represents the struggle you have with your passions?

Dreams are often fed by what we consume, as in political media, entertainment, etc.

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There was a time in my life when I had very similar dreams. I was much younger, but an adult. I realized the squatters were representations of people in my life at the time who were imposing themselves on me and intruding on my peaceful life. I set boundaries in real life, and haven’t had one of the dreams since.

Not saying it is the same for you, but I would consider what is going on in your real life, and see if you notice any parallels in your dreams.

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My suggestion is to drink a lot of coffee in the morning. What that did for me is reduce my sleeping time from nine to seven hours. I don’t have time to dream anymore. I would reduce the amount you sleep for a while and see if that helps.

Just one problem – I hate coffee!

lara every person dreams. It is part of the sleep sequence.

Tell yourself that next time you’re gonna stand up to those dumb dream squatters and and boot them the heck out your house. Do it. Give 'em the boot and in no uncertain terms.

God bless

As my Dad used to say, “you shouldn’t hate anything”. I know what you mean though. :slight_smile:

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