A refreshed Benedict XVI captivates students with homily

I am happy to read that he is doing well, and staying active with his social circle:

Participants in the annual Ratzinger “schulerkreis” study group were overjoyed at seeing the retired pontiff in good health, noting that they were deeply moved by his homily on the triumph of God’s love.

Fr. Twomey was one of the participants of this year’s Ratzinger “schuelerkreis,” or “students’ circle,” which has met annually to discuss topics in theology and the life of the Church since 1978, when their professor Josef – later to become Pope Benedict XVI – was tapped to become a bishop.

“What struck us all is that despite being older each year,” Benedict XVI “looks much better, fresher. He’s very clear in his mind,” he noted, observing how the former pontiff stood for nearly an hour and a half during the mass even though a chair was provided for him.


The article notes that the schuelerkreis has consisted of the former doctoral students who studied under Ratzinger during his professorial days. However, in recent years, a “youth branch” of scholars has joined the group. These younger academics did not study with Ratzinger, but want to carry on his work.

Deo gratias

May God grant him many more years !

I’m glad that rumours of his bad health at his abdication were greatly exaggerated. May he live many many more years!

Life is good. It´s only when I quit focusing on My Lord, that I think otherwise. God bless.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

May his influence continue to be felt for the greater glory of God.

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