A Religious Rant



It’s a sad truth that people feel this way.:frowning:

What do you say to people who feel this way? As a teenager with questioning teenage friends, I want to shed some light on the beauty of my faith and not just shrug off their questions.

Of course, praying for them would be first on the list.


I don’t think you can teach anybody that is only in it for the shock value of the question. She already had her mind made up about the validity of the answer before the question was even asked (at least that’s what she would like us to believe). Teenagers are a mess by nature, there is not much you can do but offer the Truth and witness to them thru your lifestyle and actions. They will follow if they think you KNOW where you are going. If you seem unsure they will gut you where you stand :eek: …just kidding, they will drag you in an alley first, then gut you.

In all seriousness, the message will only get thru if the receiver is willing to hear it. If they are just rebelling against the church as a ‘rite of passage’ then they may not really believe all they are saying.

I am reading her words thru 40 yo eyes and I can tell you she is simply a child in need of answers she can understand. The problem is the answers are at an adult level she is not ready for. If a 5 yo asks you where baby’s come from you really shouldn’t drag out the Gray’s Anatomy and scare the poor child half to death. Same goes with teen-age uncertainty. They are just starting to realize the world can be a harsh, unforgiving, and above all unfair place. It’s not like mom’s house at all. And they haven’t quite figured out to run to Jesus for the answers, but in time they might.

Pray, pray, pray. And live the Faith out loud. You will be tested, your strength might convert them all! :knight2:


Yes that makes more sensse:D I went to that site and typed ‘Catholic’ in the search engine to see if I could find anything intresting, and well I certainly did:shrug: . There’re some pieces there about Catholicism and religion in general that are just depressing to read.

It’s quite frustrating for me since I have had friends that’ve asked me about God and religion back when I hardly knew what I was talking about and dished out less than inspiring answers.

I had a friend who grew up in a Catholic school, switched to my public school, and well, as far as I know, she’s still an atheist out with her girlfriend.:frowning: (not that I blame her situation on the transfer or anything) I just wish there was something I could have said to her to make think a little more, but I guess there’s only so much one can do, then it’s up to them and God.

:gopray: I guess I know who I’ll send up a prayer for tonight

:knight2: < (I love this little guy! Wish I could be more like him)

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