A Remembering Heart


A Remembering Heart

Lord grant to me

a heart that remembers

the life in the seed

that lies buried in the dark night.

All the mystery

you have revealed to me

in the tapestry of my life…

A remembering heart…

Lord grant to me

a heart that is fulfilled

as the Word is made flesh

in the breaking of the bread.

The call you speak to me

the song you sing in me

the desire for you my God…

A faithful heart…

Lord grant to me

a heart that is grateful

as the blind one who now sees

sings the praise of your name.

The gifts you give to me

the life you free in me

all the goodness you bestow…

A grateful heart

Lord grant to me

a heart that truly loves

as the one who surrendered

His life for his friends.

That I may dare to be

more true to you

in the face of all who need…

A loving heart…


God bless you for your song to Him. May He grant you a remembering and grateful heart, a faithful heart, and a truly loving heart.


A prayer that comes from the heart is a prayer that is sincere. Praying for your intention. God Bless You. Peace.



That’s lovely! :thumbsup:




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