A REPLY to a DAILY email appeal for Donations...

Beloved fellow Catholics,
This is an email reply I sent to a conservative activist who is sending me, EVERY DAY, gut-wrenching, detailed, very long, each one of them freshly-composed, solicitations
for donations. I mean, every single day.
I hope I posted this in the right forum. I had to respond ((and no, any tiny donations I give these days are sacrificial, and from my funds, no longer on credit cards. I am working to rectify THAT great big mistake on my part )). I’m wondering if those of you who do support financially the proFamily movements, have certain proFamily groups who BOMBARD YOU daily with emails, rather than just the occasional or weekly appeal, like most send? This fellow (I didn’t name him, to be charitable) is really driving me nuts.

Dear Mr. XXXXXXXX, of the XXXXXX pro-family cause,
I don’t understand this. I just made a donation to you yesterday, and then a few days ago, too, and again a few days before that. I lost ALL my life savings during 2-1/2 years of hellish unemployment. I can only make small, $5 or $6 donations, and I can barely, really not, afford those.
Plus I have heavy credit card debt and thus lots of bills, which conservatives CONDEMN LOUDLY, such debt, as irresponsible spending. YOU KNOW HOW I GOT INTO MOST OF THAT DEBT, however?
BY SENDING MANY, MANY, MANY $25, $50, $100 and UP donations to groups like YOU, like the PRO-LIFE movement Groups (NRLC, ALL, Priests for Life, etc.), The Conservative Caucus, The Christian Coalition, the Traditional Values Coalition, Eagle Forum, the (formerly active) Catholic Alliance, the American Family Association, and the Republican This, Republican That and Republican the Other.
**SUPPORTING THE PRO-FAMILY movement is HOW I got into HUGE debt. ** THAT’s how. Because I kept getting appeals claiming that the groups were all about to collapse and die from lack of help.
((Which by the way turns out to be TRUE for most of them, except for the GOP itself)).
I felt I had a moral obligation to even risk heavy debt in these exceedingly wicked times to help fight the good fight, partly in a sort of reparation for my own past sins.
Then to find out that the vast majority of the **much-wealthier-than-I-am **MIDDLE TO UPPER MIDDLE CLASS pro-family conservatives aren’t giving ANY financial support to the proFamily causes? REALLY??? I know that these donation totals numbers
are true, and they don’t lie. Most, who CAN give SOMETHING, are giving nothing.
Then, frankly, to heck with them and their
“concerns.” I mean EVERY WORD OF THAT, too. If these folks making $50,000 a year and up, DOUBLE what I make, won’t give $25 bucks a year, each, to EACH Pro-Family Group, even when they CAN offer such help, then frankly they deserve to become subservient, FOREVER, to the Radical Left, who ARE funding THEIR causes.
They don’t want to help FUND the causes they believe in? Then they DESERVE to lose and lose permanently. I don’t want that to happen, but in any war, even a culture war, if you don’t support your side with TANGIBLE help and not just prayers ((as needful as prayers certainly ARE)), you are asking to lose.

I know, just from personal observation, that they have plenty of money, despite the recession, for beautiful late model cars, designer shoes, expensive make-up, costly salon hair-do’s, costly Sunday brunches, $5.00 and up every single day for STARBUCKS coffees, nice jewelry, costly colognes, designer clothes, expensive 400 and 600 and 800 thread count bed linens, KINDLES, Ipads, Ipods, SMART-phones, all kinds of gadgets that cost a lot of money, plus annual vacations, but when it comes to giving to their own causes, now cry the financial blues? In this HORRIBLE culture war where nobody can afford to stand on the sidelines, live the American dream, and merely offer prayers and vote correctly?
Not in these times. These are not normal times. ((CONTINUED JUST BELOW)


These are not times when we can
**afford to live the American dream **, as if everything is relatively normal, and spend lots of money on personal luxuries and enjoyments when we SHOULD be supporting the pro-family, proLife movements, or else all our freedoms are going to be TAKEN from us AND these evils like abortion and antiFamily, antiMarriage agendas, are going to promoted, even more brazenly, by those in power.

If most of the proLife, ProFamily folks each gave $25 a year, each, to EACH of the proFamily groups and proLife groups, then they would only be spending a TOTAL of under $300 a YEAR, each, THAT’S LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR A DAY, per professed ProFamily, ProLifer. Yet, I did the math, and the average professed profamily, prolifer, is giving an average of 1/3 of 1 cent per day to the proLife movement. And people like me, who are LOWER than middle class, were spending gobs because we felt obligated to help in these exceedingly publicly-wicked and publicly-sinful times?
I can’t do that anymore. I just can’t. And I know that thousands of other can’t
do it anymore, either.
Others, who can, and there are still millions who can, will have to PICK UP THE FINANCIAL SLACK, who make WAY MORE THAN I do or ever will. It will only cost them less than a dollar a day. NOBODY expects them to give thousands of bucks a piece to these ProFamily groups named above, just a mere, oh, $25 bucks a year, to each of them. That’s all, and that’s NOT MUCH, per day. Far less than a Dollar.
And remember, conservatives are still living the American dream too, most of us, even in this recession. Many are hurting, but MOST, still, even now, are not.
If they DID give $25 annually, total, to each of the groups, those groups could, at last, GET OUT the MESSAGE and GET OUT THE VOTE, and we would, in every election without exception, BLOW THE RADICAL ANTI-LIFE, ANTI-FAMILY forces out of the water and permanently out of office.
But most, and they are mostly middle class and a bit higher, aren’t giving anything.
I did the math, divided the total donations by the total number of professed profamiy folks, and thats 55 to more than 60 million adults.
Mostly what they do is say prayers, most of them ((not all, some do give, and VERY generously, some DO volunteer at Crisis Pregnancy Centers, DO organize voter drives for Life, etc, some DO help out, but beyond prayers, and though they DO have the money, only less than $300 a year is needed, statistics don’t lie, and most Americans, despite the recession, are still middle class and waaaaaaaaaaaaay better off than I am, but beyond prayers, when it comes to financial support of the proFamily movements, most do not give anything. The groups PUBLISH their annual intake reports every year. There are 55 to 60 million or more professed Catholic and Protestant Pro Lifers and ProFamily folks. Those published numbers, those donation numbers, don’t lie. They PROVE that most who can give, simply, flat-out DON’T. Not one red cent.
I, and I know for a fact that there were thousands of others like me who foolishly overspent out of a feeling of obligation and the severe neediness of the good causes, but I cannot and will not do that anymore. Praying prayers, Rosaries and Chaplets isn’t enough. People (those who CAN) need to give, a LITTLE BIT each, financially, or else these movements are going to continue to FAIL.
I am poor, I cannot and WILL not, be one of those relatively few,
who literally, are CARRYING this movement with our wallets while most who CAN give a little financially, each,
do nothing more than say prayers when they DO have the ability to part with a total of
under $300 a year. I just can’t do that anymore. And it’s truly a shame that I (and thousands of others who did the same thing)
ever even sincerely felt that we HAD to. A rotten shame.
I simply CANNOT continue to answer, and contribute, to every donation appeal.

And Mr. XXXXX, I mean you no personal disrespect, but WHAT do you spend most of your time doing???
The reason I ask this question,
is that, literally every single day, I am getting these solicitation letter E-mails from you, each one of them written differently. So, in between composing and writing all these heart-wrenching appeals for donations, WHEN do you have the TIME to fight the Radical LEFT??? And why are you sending me appeal letters every single day without exception??? You are the ONLY conservative activist who DOES this EVERY SINGLE DAY, even after I have donated at least 4 TIMES in the past 4 weeks.
((albeit only $5 at a pop, no more of those huge donations from me, not ever, cannot do that anymore. Will not carry all the weight anymore. Cannot. Will not.))
Please, please, please, LIGHTEN UP on the daily bombardments for help. I know you need the help, but even so, this daily bombardment is ridiculous.


((my name))

LOL Jay. Seriously? You’re blaming the recipient? Block this guy’s email address and quit playing games.

**LOL Jay. Seriously? You’re blaming the recipient? Block this guy’s email address and quit playing games. **

First of all, who are you to assert that I am playing games?
The work he is doing, IS important. I just can’t send whopping huge donations constantly, like I used to do when I thought it was “God’s Will” in these evil times.
“But going into debt is DANGEROUS!!” some object to me.
Yes, it is. So is going into battle in a military war. You’re liable, very liable, to be maimed and killed. Make no mistake: we ARE in a war. A culture war. And the Far, Far Left folks ARE, FULLY, funding THEIR causes.

I am not “blaming” the recipient for receving donations that I voluntarily made or make.
That is a silly assertion, and slanderous.
This fellow sends donations solicitations EVERY SINGLE day, every one of them very long, every one of them gut-wrenching. And asking for HUGE single amount donations.
My point in replying to him, in the last paragraph, is taking all that time, every day, to write a long-winded, totally differently worded APPEAL for donations is not something that only takes “a few minutes.” He is supposed to be spending all this time fighting the radical Left, and if he’s doing that, he won’t have the time for ALL these ORIGINAL letters every single day.

I am not playing games.
I started making donations 20 years ago to the proFamily movement. Bill Clinton had JUST been inaugurated, and his first act was to repeal ALL restrictions on Abortion.
Then it was WAVE after WAVE after WAVE of assaults, by HIS Administration and the Dem-controlled congress, against traditonal, Christian moral values.
I had become adult the year Reagan was elected, and I had only known Reagan and Bush the First who, despite their flaws, held back these people and their extreme, antiGod, anti Family radicalism. When Clinton was inaugurated, and that 1993 January new Dem congress with him, and they unleashed wave after wave of attacks on traditional Christian values, I was shocked and horrified. I never ever suspected that the dems were THAT radical. I was convinced (and they are even WORSE now in what they advocate) that they were out to turn this country upside-down morally. And I (and millions of others) was right about that. They support nearly EVERY THING that God’s word FORBIDS and CONDEMNS. And they are passing laws, right now, to have these things taught to your seven year old children in school. BY LAW. BY FORCE of Law. And private (read: Church) schools will NOT be exempted from teaching this filth to kids.

THAT shock, was what led me to go enormously into debt to try and fight this from succeeding. Then I found out that most people, while equally horrified, did not support the proFamily movement financially, even to the tune of $25 per year. Not even that much.
They wanted the movement, but were content to let OTHERS foot the entire bill for the fight. THAT is where my frustration comes from, it is not games. And then, to top it off,
after spending all that money on supporting proLife, proChristian, even proCatholic, views in the public arena, many of the Catholics and other Christians turned right around, in 1996, and RE-elected that man. I don’t get upset when UNBELIEVERS vote for shockingly sinful public ADVOCATES of Mortal Sin. But when it is very clear what they support, horrendously evil things, and then CHRISTIANS go back out and vote for them AGAIN and AGAIN, that makes me feel Betrayed and that all my efforts and the efforts of thousands of others, at great expense to ourselves, were for NOTHING.
I expect WORLDLY people to vote for advocates of wickedness.
I expect Christians NOT TO.
And that is a REASONABLE expectation.
And it is shocking to me when they vote for them.

Just like the sex abuse scandal. I hate it when ANYBODY rapes a little child.
But when a PRIEST does it, it is 100 times more appalling, because of who they are
and the Graces they have been given for the fulfillment of the duties of their office.

I assure you, Rainaldo, I am not playing games.
And yes, I am serious. One donation appeal per week is sufficient for any cause.
And they need to build into their computers a little program such that, when a person has donated that week, the system “flags” their email address and does not send them any more requests that week or month. People who care very much about the shocking state of 21st century society are easy suckers for a heart-wrenching appeal.

I am going to have to block his email address, if he doesn’t stop.
I can only afford, barely, an occasional $5 donation these days, at a pop, to proLife
and proFamily causes. Even people I have talked with personally (and I won’t name names) and are very sweet and sincere, sometimes send me solicitations for $150 and UP at a pop. Good lord, Rome wasn’t built in a day. EXPAND your donor base.
If ALL profamily people gave a LITTLE, nobody would ever feel inwardly compelled to give WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much.

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