A request for a free Quran

I was informed through some individuals on Islamic-centered message boards that I can request a free, English-translated Quran from the Saudi embassy.
Unfortunately, the Saudis no longer distribute the book, and instead directed me to CAIR, which doesn’t give away free Qurans anymore.

Does anybody know where I can get a free Quran, preferably the Abdullah Yusuf Ali or Hilali-Khan translation? The closest Islamic Center to me is an Ahmadiyya which has a different translation.


Try a second-hand book shop in the “religion” section; you can find quite a few sacred books on various world’s religions at fairly minimal cost - used obvioulsy, but typically in pretty good shape.

Since your looking for a specific translation edition, it maybe more difficult but worth a shot.

You can get it on a Kindle fro 3 bucks…


Please read the Bible instead.



I got the Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation in paperback for $5 on Amazon. If you want that translation, you will most likely just need to buy it

I am a Christian, but like to understand other religious texts.

Since there isn’t a bookstore nearby, I’ll check out Ebay and Amazon. I’ve gotten free religious materials before but it’s not that easy with the Quran.


Good luck. It’s not easy to understand. It is organized from longest sura to shortest, not from earliest to latest. The language and reasoning is a bit clunky too.


You can read both versions plus many more free on line:

Yeah, I’ve found older religious books to be far cheaper online (and far easier to find) than shopping around from one brick-and-mortar shop to another.

May I ask, why are you so interested in Saudi sponsored translations? Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation is fairly good, but the footnotes are riddled with anti-semitic bull feces, which is expected given it was published in the 1920s. Hailali-Kahn (which the Saudis created out of the Ali translation) is unadulterated Saudi propaganda and was published in the 1990s. It’s utter garbage, and many Western Muslims I’ve spoken with agree.

Go to this site:


It has 7 (!) different translations, including Yusuf Ali and AJ Arberry (Cambridge U).

It’s free.

You can also see the Arabic script, with translations of each word and grammatical notes.

And !!! for each verse it has a sound clip, so you can hear it recited in Arabic.

What else can you ask for???

I have read the first 7 surahs online a few years ago, and although it was hard to read, the 2 Saudi versions were easier for me to comprehend than the various other translations.
I know it’s imbued with anti-Semitism but I’m not going to study the Quran, just read up on the basic fundamentals.
Although I can read it online, I prefer reading a book.


I would get a good Bible instead.

I believe the OP is intended to round out his personal library of various faith beliefs.
I doubt he’s planning on converting to something else.
The mark of a good apologist is knowing what the other person’s influences are.
And THEN being able to have a beneficial dialog.

Yes. Later though once you get to things about Jesus (Isa) it might be good idea to first brush up on the NT. Because I can guarantee one’s head will spin with the Qur’ans reflections about a man (regardless whether they disagree he is God) who was born of a virgin 640 years or so before.


There is a Qur’an you have downloaded for Kindle for free:


I have used this Qur’an in a class the past year and find it to be a readable and useful reference.

Oh man, yeah! I have a copy of the Saudi-government-sponsored one from several years ago and I didn’t get off like page 3 before they were laying into the Jews in the footnotes… It shocked me, since I wasn’t expecting it to be so overt.

I have the Saudi one in my computer library.

Koran is more interesting than the Book of Mormon- I’ll tell you that.

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