A required presentation at college


So at the university I go to there was a required presentation we were to attend about sexual consent. What are your thoughts on this? Should it really be required?

This is a public college so I understand that not all people will follow the no sex before marriage rule but something about this bothers me.

In their words, they werent telling people that they should or should not have sex, they were just telling people how to do it.


More likely they were telling people that no means no and if your partner is drunk or drugged he or she can’t give consent. They’re trying to avoid date rape and assault among students.

My university requires similar education for faculty and staff so we know how to assist students who need it. It can be a brutal world out there.


It’s unfortunate that such a presentation must be given, but in the world where we live, it really is necessary.


Yeah, I’m gonna dissent on this one. I don’t know how much it’s changed but this was required at my college in the 90s. It was the most uncomfortable group of people I’ve ever seen and as a man it was very uncomfortable.
We had a much better version of it on the football team.
Unless they wish to address NOT drinking, doing drugs, partying, and acting immoral sexually.
Some religious schools actually do have rules about conduct that is fair to all and requires a chaste life.
At least on the football team our conduct was strict and tied to our attendance at the school. Meaning, if one acted foolishly there was a greater cost and consequence that the general student body.
but neither approach really changed any behavior. All these classes are doing us saying there is a problem on campus but they are not going to do anything about it.


We require it where I work of all faculty, staff, and students. I fail to see why this bothers you. It is a needed thing, based on the misdeeds of so many. The training is individually done here, and very, very well done. It has received significant recognition.


There are a lot of stresses in college life, pressure is on young adults in so many ways. The cost of a college education is a really big source of pressure.

Perhaps consent is a proper topic, for a lot of reasons. It is related to respect for others, and that’s not even putting a religious spin on the question.

We’ve seen incidents of gang rape at colleges which ruins people’s reputation and may affect their entire future. Overlooking the matter of consent has a lot of consequences, legal and moral and psychological. I guess this is one way of trying to eliminate a hostile environment in a college.


Not sure why this bothers you. “Having sex with someone who doesn’t or can’t consent is rape and will be punished” seems like a pretty non-controversial statement.


The matter of mutual consent seems pretty obvious, both from a legal and a moral standpoint. How do students get to college without knowing this?


As a corollary to the necessity of mutual consent, it should also be noted that morning-after remorse does not negate prior consent. Consent cannot be withdrawn retroactively, thereby resulting in sexual assault charges.


I guess what’s bothering me is the fact that parts of it aren’t in-line with Catholic teachings. Or that we had to watch a sex scene from a movie as a part of the presentation.

I don’t know.


I understand your reservations. Of course, if everyone followed Catholic moral teachings, there would be no need for such a presentation. But many such presentations might have morally problematic parts.


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