A respectful request


Please consider returning to the old format.
Used to be on here daily
Now maybe semi annually :frowning:


Hey, I haven’t seen you in ages. I hope everything is going well.

Unfortunately the old platform was outdated and they won’t be returning to it. There’s a lot not to like about this format but once you get used to it, it works OK.

I hope you’ll stick around.


Many of us would like the old format back, particularly the moderation done by actual moderators as opposed to “self-moderation” combined with auto-moderation that we don’t understand, that is prone to abuse, and that seems to result in many good contributors leaving the forum either voluntarily or involuntarily. Between the people who left because they don’t like the new format and the people who left/ reduced participation due to suspension, we have lost a lot of good posters.

Unfortunately, I suspect the boat already sailed on this issue and CA is not going to switch back.


It takes awhile to get somewhat familiar with it. I am not used to it or comfortable with it yet, may never be. It was horrible just after the transition, it seemed to bring out the worst in the worst of folks, lots of temporary then permanent suspensions. Definitely traffic is down. I think that was the original purpose, downsizing the forum.


Thank you for your kind response!


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