A Response to Christopher Hitchens' The Great Catholic Coverup (full version with references)


Christopher Hitchens actions and words revolve around his axiom that religion ruins everything. In his attempts to destroy religion, truth is of secondary or even tertiary concern.

A lot if right wing pundits took him under their wing because he was one of the few left-wingers that took a reasoned stand against lslamists after 2001. His vitriol against religion was unique among leftists who see Islamists as a useful ally in their attempts to destroy the Judeo-Christian value system.

Otherwise his politics are thoroughly leftist in orientation. He is no less intested in destroying the Judeo-Christian value system than the rest of his colleagues from the left. He is all about making a political power play against his enemies, whom he considers evil. Truth in reporting is not even a factor for him.

Sorry to disappoint you Mr Hitchens, but you are not going to knock the Church down. And no one else can for that matter.

Maybe he should try addressing the 250 million innocent people who where killed, raped and attacked in the name of his ideology, in the 20th century.

For the past 50 years, 95%+ of Priests worldwide live good, holy lives. They’ve never been involved in sex abuse.

Although I do not always agree with his views, I love listening to Hitchens. He is a great orator. His talk in Toronto on the 10 commandments was great (even though I do not proscribe to his views on religion.

Thank you for posting this extremely well-sourced article.

  • Marty Lund
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