A Rosary for a Native American?

There is a university professor here who is an Indigenous People, Dakota Sioux. Thing is, he’s very prejudiced against all white people, and most recently excoriated Christians for not allowing him to give a traditional Dakota blessing at a church wedding (where he was an invited guest, presumably); he let everyone know this via a big letter to our newspaper’s editor. :frowning:

Now, I’m just one stupid person. I’m white, female, and Catholic. But I’ve been thinking, maybe I should make him a Rosary. NOT TO CONVERT HIM, THAT’S NOT MY JOB. (caps mine because I want to make that clear) But if nothing else, to let him know that not all white people and not all Christians are these evil, intolerant, bigoted people he seems to think we are.

Quick background: I design Rosaries made out of semi-precious stones, sterling silver, Swarovski and other fun things I can get my hands on. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION, EITHER! (caps mine for emphasis–I would never tapeworm off this forum for Rosary sales or anything like that)

So, I thought I would incorporate elements of Native American spirituality into this particular Rosary, like including charms of animals (great symbols to Native Americans as I understand it–eagle, wolf, bear, feather, etc) at the Pater stones, then choosing different stone materials to represent other aspects of their spirituality. I would also include a comprehensive provenance describing all parts of the Rosary and why the stones and symbols were chosen for him.

I guess I just want this person to realize there’s more common ground among all people than he realizes, and just want to do what I can to cultivate peace. Now, I realize that I’m just a dumb person and this could backfire–he could see it as an effort to convert him, or he may even take the bold step and vilify me in another letter to the editor for sending him such a thing. I guess that’s a chance that I, at this point, am willing to take for the sake of peace.

So I ask you: Good idea or bad idea? Should I do this or not?


I know many Native Americans have a strong devotion to this wonderful Saint. Where I live you can find many of her medals in every Catholic store.

You can get some ideas by typing"Native American Rosary" in Yahoo.

Well, I should clarify–I’m not looking for actual Rosary ideas (of those, I have plenty in my own head!) or if there’s such a thing as a “Native American Rosary”.

What I’m asking is, is it a good idea to create a Rosary–incorporating elements of Native American spirituality–for an Indigenous Person who so strongly despises white people and Christian people? And do so only for the sake of cultivating peace?

That’s a tough one…maybe ask somebody who knows him but likes white people. Sort of a liason.

Although your thoughts are certainly charitable I would hold off on making a rosary at this point in time I’mn gonna send you a PM so look for it. Okay?

As a Catholic you are called to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, converting unbelievers, not dilute Holy rituals like the rosary with paganism (native american beliefs).

No, I wasn’t intending to dilute the Rosary or pervert it at all! All I meant was giving a custom-designed Rosary as an olive branch to this person, a sign of peace, an offering of goodwill, with no ulterior motive. Ah geeze, this is frustrating. I think I’ll probably just shelve the idea for now. :frowning:

Thanks for your replies.

well if that was your intention, then you are acting well don’t shelve it.

What a wonderful idea to give him a Native American Rosary and I understand what you mean by this–not paganism. However, I would (personally) hold off on this for now. You can, of course ask a (your) Parish Priest about this too.

In the meantime, here’s what you can do

1st - of all Pray for this man and other person who fails to understand the truth and beauty of Catholicism.

2nd - Pray for this man and the many people who ridicule Our Lord and the Church.
If you like, you can dedicate a whole Rosary or a decade on his/their behalf.

3rd- Ask for the intercession of Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha, Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, St. Katerine Drexal, St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), and Our Blessed Mother Mary to Pray for him/them.

4th-“Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”- Matthew 5:10 <—One of the Beatitudes


Sadly, a lot of Native Americans suffered from Priests, Religious Sisters, etc. My (maternal) grandmother was one of them yet she still remained Catholic.


There are many people in the Catholic Church—Priests, Religious, lay people, etc. who offer healing for Native Americans as well.

I often wonder what “white” people are they referring too? :shrug:

Please don’t think of yourself as a dumb, white, Christian…

I will Pray for you and for him/them as well.

God bless,

I hate to be so pessimistic, but this guy sounds like the kind of jerks I’ve run across before. We had some group of natives protest to the papers that they weren’t given access to bless buffalo before they were slaughtered, even though they had never asked to participate. The invitation was graciously extended even after the papers had run with the story, but did anyone in the group show up to bless any buffalo? No.

Maybe some non-controversial way could be provided for him to genuinely extend his blessing, possibly as an educational event with the church. Maybe it could explore ways indigenous Americans especially in Mexico are adopting Catholicism in a “non-Western” sort of form. Would he show up? Probably not. People like that specialize in being mad. But you never know.

One of my close friends is Native American. He has a chip on his shoulder for white people. I think it may have something to do with killing the women, children, and burning the villages of his ancestors. :confused:

He identifies strongly with his heritage and is “walking the red road”. For my friend, the gift would be well received and appreciated. It seems that culturally, small gifts, especially handmade and of a spiritual nature, are very meaningful.

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