A runner who smacked a reporter's backside on air now faces charges

Man, what is this world coming to?

Are you commenting on the actions of the man or the fact he has now been arrested?

I can’t believe he thought it was acceptable to do that.


Yea, he’d already been shamed and banned from competing again. Unless he had failed to show any remorse, this seems like overkill.

We’re coming to a world where you can’t sexually batter women without consequences.

Good. It shouldn’t be controversial that, all things being equal, you keep your hands to yourself. We teach kids that every day in kindergarten.


From a legal standpoint, he committed battery. What he did is a textbook example of battery.
There is video evidence that he committed battery, and he admitted doing it.
So, he should be prosecuted for it. Nothing to see here.


Well, people, can a parent who spanks his or her own kid for legitimate misbehavior now face possible assault charges in the United States?

Battery, sure. But jail time would be complete overkill. Just having his name out there for any future employer to find will be more than punishment enough. But of course that won’t be nearly enough for some.

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We’ve all been taught to keep our hands to ourselves. I’ve seen this behavior in the workplace too. It’s unacceptable and bad.


That’s like comparing apples to oranges that sexually batter women.

I don’t know if you legitimately can’t see the distinction between these two cases or you’re talking in bad faith


Most states allow the parent to spank a child, but spanking someone else’s child (even one swat) is battery

Unfortunately not everyone got that class in the 80’s. It is unacceptable behavior and deserves consequences. But they should be appropriate consequences, not vindictive for all past bottom pinches etal.

This guy has publicly prostrated himself apologizing, and asking what he can to to earn forgiveness. Me, I would make him do community service.


As a woman I think what he did was disrespectful but I don’t think it should cause jail punishment.

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We have an early nominee for the stupidest person of the year award. With all the emphasis on and punishement for this type of behavior this guy is either a complete idiot or has been living in a cave the past few years. The criminal complaint and charges are just the beginning of his troubles. Wait till he’s bankrupt after the civil suit.

Ha he’s a looking for forgiveness. Another example of how out of touch he is. Who forgives in a post-Christian society? No forgiveness or redemption allowed. He will be punished and pilloried and drained for all he is worth.

An eye for an eye, I say. Let the reporter spank him on national television.


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