A Russian church for a Saudi mosque?

The Saudis have asked Russia if they could build a Mosque in Moscow, and Russia (does that mean Putin ?) says only if they let him build a Russian Orthodox Church in Saudi Arabia. Is Russia the only country with leaders to stand up to the Muslims and demand even treatment for Muslims and Christians?

Bear in mind 15 percent of Russians are Muslim and Islam along with several other faiths is protected by the Russian constitution.

All good ecumenical procedure for Russia. They need practice in that area. I imagine Islam wants to build the mosque right next to the main Orthodox Church in Moscow, and “bigger”. SA ought to allow Bibles while everyone is feeling so ecumenical.

Perhaps we should build a Basilica in Mecca next to the Kaaba.

Good for the Russians!
Although I don’t know how many Russian Orthodox there are in Saudi Arabia. Probably the biggest Christian group is all the Roman Catholic workers from the Philippines and India. I wish the Europeans and Americans would all have the moral fiber to demand the same thing!

I like the response. It shows Putin knows the endgame, which is for Islam to rule the world.

Some the left-leaning Catholics who think they “know” about Islam because they see Muslims on the street or work with them should read this.

I think they’re too afraid of massive conversions to Christianity.

I am reminded of that old maxim, ‘what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander’ - good on old Putin! {Feels very strange saying that, seeing as I am not usually prone to giving him much adulation.]

All it takes is one person. And its admirable that Putin is speaking up. His points are well taken and I imagine the same thoughts go through most our minds. You can’t help but notice the double standards with Islam, and its time everyone starts speaking up who is capable.

They’re adults in Islam, they can handle being confronted with the truth. And since Iran and Syria and Egypt all seem to be ecumenical minded all of sudden, perhaps we can build a better tomorrow and a more religious world with peace for everyone.


Course Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel doesn’t believe any of it.

moral fiber?

Theres a thing in the USA called freedom of religion that thumps fake moralism thank god.

Avdima - I think it is fair enough for ‘we’ kufrs to ask for and expect quid pro quo type treatment from the likes of Saudi 'though. I know ‘we’ won’t get it, given much that I read from the Hadiths and Tabari etc., but it is still deemed reasonable in the dar al-Harb to ask, anyway.

moral fiber?

Absolutely. It is immoral for Western leaders to be complicit, by silence, in the Saudi discrimination against Christians. In Saudi, there is not a single church, no public worship is allowed, and Christians gathered together for prayer have been arrested in private homes even, then beaten and deported. Bibles and personal religious items are routinely confiscated, etc ad nauseam.

Patriarch Twal has said, “The major urgency now is to set straight the religious discourse of so many Imams who, from within their mosques, preach violence against non-Muslims. Furthermore,** the constitutions of certain countries, which do not acknowledge equal rights for Christians as other citizens, should be modified.**”

Why? Because laws in Muslim countries which discriminate against Christians inevitably lead to and legitimise persecution of and violence against Christians. There must be ***mutual ***respect to stop the violence.


Make that 15% of citizens of Russia. Very few actual Russians are Muslim, but the Russian Republic includes members of other ethnic groups (like Chechens) that are Muslim.

On the topic of the OP, a tserkov’ in Riyadh in return for a masjid in Moscow? I’m starting to feel warm and fuzzy about Putin :bigyikes:

Well, Putin is not a Muslim for one thing and, for another, he has a stiff back. One cannot say this of certain Western leaders I prefer not to mention.

Putin is no saint but no Muslim is going to make him look like a fool. Again, unlike certain Western leaders I could name.

You know what. If Orthodoxy didn’t rule the roost in Russia, I would seriously consider moving there.



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