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I copied this post from another board. It sounds familiar, unfortunately.

I saw in the bulletin that the new pastor wrote about so many people receiving Holy Communion incorrectly. I thought he was going to talk about the way people dress for Mass. But he was saying that people shouldn’t kneel or genuflect and that some people bow to low and it should only be a little bow. I know a guy who is hunched over to start with so when he bows it looks like a low bow but it’s really only a little bow if you measure it it’s maybe like three inches. I hope he doesn’t get busted LOL! Anyhow, he should of talked about the way people dress instead. I don’t think in this day in age people should wear suits and a dress because it is making people who dress in tank tops, shorts or strapless or even tee shirts look at them like they think who they are. God doesn’t care if you let it all hang out and if you show more skin that way maybe you are bringing other people into the church because they want to see how hot you look this week. Besides if you got it flaunt it. The pastor said he is taking away the bulletin and you can only get it after Mass so you can’t read it during the homily or the Mass. I never do that anyhow. I don’t read when I’m drinking from my water bottle cuz it drips on the paper LOL!


The normal way to receive communion in the US, according to the GIRM is standing. You are supposed to make a small bow, not a profound one before hand.

I have never been to a parish where the bulletins were distributed before mass. They have always been after.

They have them

I tend to do a fairly deep bow >_>

I have never been to a parish where the bulletins were distributed before mass. They have always been after.

My Church in Stillwater handed them out before, but it was because our nave was so small, it was easier to hand them to people trickling in before mass rather than to the who congregation moving out afterwards.

Also, that’s disgusting… someone needs to learn more about their faith.

The new edition of the GIRM states:

The norm established for the Dioceses of the United States of America is that Holy Communion is to be received standing, unless an individual member of the faithful wishes to receive Communion while kneeling.

The commentary is sad indeed, but it goes along with the thoughtlessness that many feel towards the liturgy, which comes forth from rejection of the very idea of tradition and embracing the erroneous idea that we should adapt to the world.

Hmm. I think that you shouldn’t take offense if you are not doing these things. However, if anyone is breaking these rules, then they should change. I haven’t seen anyone handing out bullitens before mass either :-/ Maybe it’s because so many people read the bulliten during the homily :smiley: As to the appropriate clothes for mass - would you wear shorts, tee-shirts, or tank tops when visiting a king? I think not. Therefore, I conclude that it is right and just to wear your best clothing, or at minimum one of your best outfits when it comes to going to mass.

Communion is standing or kneeling, in the hand (where it’s allowed) or on the tongue. It’s not up to the priest unless he decides to only offer Communion by intinction, whereby receiving in the hand is forbidden.

In my parish and those I’ve attended recently, the bulletins are simply ‘there’ to pick up as you go in or leave, it’s your choice.

The king in this case happens to be my brother and father who is with me all day every day - He’s seen you in the nude, people! :eek:

If the same were true of any earthly king or president then sure I might dress casually for them on occasion. You think Obama’s girls are in Sunday best all the time when in his presence?

I second that!:eek:

Do you think that when their parents are having a feast that they dress in shorts and a tee shirt?

Dress is important only to the point of the intention of the wearer. If that person would wear a fancy dress to a prom or another event than they should respect their Lord and God as well dressing with more class. Remember that the parable of the wedding feast? If it is a case you have no better, than you have honored Him with what you have. If it is a case of laziness or carelessness, well that is between you and Our Lord.

The King of Kings happens to be God Himself, and to dress immodestly or sloppily (called “casual” today) is not befitting the dignity He has given us as being made in His image and likeness. Secondly, you are not alone with God in Church. There are other people around, and I don’t think it needs to be explained that immodest dress can be a temptation or a distraction to others, and seeing others dressed in a manner described by the person in the original post is not conducive to lifting our hearts to God in prayer. “Sunday Best” is a apt phrase since it indicates an intention to be at one’s best, even outwardly, out of respect for the Lord’s Day. If one is poor and his or her best is casual, that is different from someone who deliberately choses to be inappropriately informal. Also, even a poor person does not have to dress immodestly.

As far as your second statement, the occupant of the White House is not God, whether or not he thinks so.

Yes, he has seen us in the nude, and made clothes for us to wear (Genesis) so that we would not be shamed.

Anyway, that was my bit of humor, yet seriously.

For me, when I enter the sanctuary, I genuflect by the pew, remaining on one knee and saying quietly, “My King”. And I wait there until I hear in my mind, “Come, sit with me”. Then I rise and enter the pew. I am in dialog with Him in these rituals that I do. When we lift our hearts unto the Lord, my hands raise my heart toward Him.
I bow before I take him into my hands, step off to the side and look at him in my hands and greet him, eating as he told me to eat, and then drinking what he gave me to drink. And I walk back to my seat with a delighted smile.
I think I would kneel at the altar if my knees were better or I were younger, but I am simply glad he wants me there.
Then, at the dismissal, I genuflect again, and wait on my knee until I hear in my mind, “Go, tell others about me”.
So, I am telling you.

John Martin


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