A sad day at St Martin DePorres in Jensen Beach...

After over twenty years of having the Traditional Latin Mass every Sunday at St. Martin DePorres, in Jensen Beach, Florida, it has been announced in the bulletin that June 27, 2012, the Latin Mass will be indefinitely suspended. This means no more Latin Mass.
Since the nearest Latin Mass I know of is 90 miles away, I encourage all who attended this Mass to consider attending the Divine Liturgy at Sts Cyril and Methodius, in Ft. Pierce, Florida. It is only 19 miles north of St Martin DePorres and is in full Communion with the Holy See. Below is a link to a map of how to get to this wonderful Byzantine Catholic Church. I hope to see you there!



Why has it been stopped? Not enough attendance? No priest to celebrate the TLM?

The priest that had been celebrating most of those years is aging. Another, much younger priest had taken the time to become trained to celebrate in Latin by the FSSP and has done so for the past 3 or 4 years. This younger priest is being transferred to another parish where, from what I have heard about the pastor there from those who attend that parish, it is quite doubtful that he will be allowed to celebrate the TLM there. Our current paster had said that he would learn to celebrate the TLM, but, 5 years later, he has not done so. Ergo, so goes the TLM after all these years…

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