a sad sign of the times

this is some info a person passed onto me the other day, where they’re suppose to be a group of homosexuals who base their homosexual beliefs on christianity and try to spread their perversion onto christian colleges. they supposedly tried to get into liberty university recently where they were stopped at the gate. i hope other universities take the same stand. this is their website soulforce.org/.

And a even more heretical action taken just this past week.A new “female” Bible was published, and it depicts Jesus as a woman, called “judith of nazareth”. This is no joke. their website is ifeminists.net/index.php
Two more false prophets have now come onto the scene… i’m sure many will take these people as harmless. but how harmless is it if it turns just one person from the true path to jesus? I honestly think it’s time that protestants and catholics stop our arguing, and focus on these lunatics as a single force. Because i think both sects are too busy looking over our neighbour fences to notice the foxes in our own hen houses.[size=4]

Doesnt it get on your nerves!! I dont understand people with homosexual tendencies( im fine with those who dont act on them, God bless you), Adam and Adam, i think not. And dont get me STARTED on feminists, grrrr. God is the head of man and man is the head of woman. PERIOD!

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