a Sad video


this guy just apparently seems to keep saying God is the bad guy, okay like that’s new but look at this video, sure I don’t expect an atheist to know theology, but at least he should just consider that we may be not “slaves” as he paints us in these videos, that our philosophies may not be about what he claims it is

Very ‘grade school’ kind of theology. That is the problem with atheists. They are spiritually immature.

The free will to do evil is more important to God than the free will to do good? That is only an appearance from the point of view of someone who sees that evil thrives in this world while the good suffer. That is the point of view that sees nothing but our finite world.

In reality, with his own free will, God chose to suffer in this world. That event gives us a clue.

If you chose to be an atheist, you are left with the conclusion from the video. Faith is a choice however. It will lead you to higher realities. Realities which you were created to understand. Just like a kid is supposed to advance beyond grade school.

makes me think of Batman’s best lines, to be specific “The Killing Joke”

“Maybe ordinary people don’t always crack. Maybe, there isn’t any need to crawl under a rock with all the other slimy things when trouble hits.”

Im not crawling under that rock, never had, never will, sure terrible things have happened in the past like the holocaust, but hasn’t faith helped the Jews and other pull through such times? Its always “pick and choose and the other stuff doesn’t count” logic now-a-days then again I guess some people don’t have anyone to go to sometimes…

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