A safety note about Turkey Fryers


My DH just sent this to me via Navy pass-around, thought any of you considering frying your turkey (especially for a first time) might want to view this…

Be careful and God Bless this Holiday.



Even a small amount of 375F oil can ignite just about anything. Keep these thing out of the house when using them, yes that means the garage too. Keep them on a level, stable surface that’s on packed dirt or concrete. Have a fire extinguisher close by, and be overly cautious. By the way, a wet bird plunged into that hot oil will create a lot of steam and spattering, so don’t put your face directly over the pot.


down here this is the preferred method, but nearly always done outside, but we still have a few fires each year. never use a frozen turkey, only a well-drained fresh turkey. it is delicious, but the also sell the proper equipment here, people get in trouble when they try to use vessels not intended for deepfrying a large bird.


We bought an electric turkey fryer-- since we’re up north where it’s likely to be snowing on T’Day and Christmas. It’s an *indoor *turkey fryer, basically just a giant deep fryer and it’s very safe.

It’s a Turk’N’Surf electric fryer. We love it.


Why do people fry their turkey’s? Is this an American thing? Roasting tastes just wonderful :stuck_out_tongue:

Wishing all my American Catholic Answer’s buddies a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving with their families.


I don’t know if it’s strictly an American thing, but it probably is.

Frying the turkey yields a flavorful, moist bird with a crisp outer crust. There are many ways to flavor the bird, I’m not sure of the origin of frying, but I believe it is a Cajun phenomenon (from Louisiana)

It also takes about 45 minutes to fry, leave less mess to clean up in the house, etc.

It’s strictly a personal preference, and many, many Americans roast their turkey in the traditional way.

We love the fried turkey!


My brother has a fryer. The first year the turkey was really moist; last year it was dry. No idea why.

I just love the smell of the house when a turkey is roasting :thumbsup: .



Hmm. Maybe one day I will get to try it and see the difference!


I’m was not a big fan of turkey until my family started frying them. You inject them with different seasonings and it creates very moist and wonderful meat. I won’t eat turkey any other way.


Once you have fried turkey, you’ll never want roasted turkey ever again. :wink: :thumbsup:

I’m a little tee’d at DH because he usually fries a turkey every year, but this year he insisted on roasting it. I think just because he LOVES smathering that bird with butter :rolleyes: …anyways, since I don’t do the frying he won that arguement.

I’m sure tomorrow he’ll admit that I was right and we’ll be having fried turkey on Christmas. :smiley:


Good Eats Deep Fried Turkey- the best turkey EVER!!!

The all important Turkey Derrick… don’t think I am joking on this one. My grandparents in law lost a porch to a turkey frying mishap.




Want my tastee roasted turkey recipe? Shamelessly stolen from TV, but OOOOOOOOO so GOOOOOOOOOD!!!


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