A scapular question


To have a scapular conferred on to someone properly, the priest must say certain prayers & perform a certain little ceremony or something. Anyone can go to a store & pick up a brown scapular, wear it & have it be a reminder & the person can be prayerful, my Question is I guess: How do you get it conferred? Is it an honor the church bestows on someone? Is it done by request? How does that work? Also, how does one go about getting a St. Michael scapular, because I have never heard of one of those until today. Thanks I god bless!


once you have been enrolled in the brown scapular–which is a blessing the priest gives you, not the scapular–you need never repeat that particular ceremony, just buy a new scapular if you lose the old one, and have it blessed as you would a rosary or any other sacramental.


Jason, all you need to do… is ask your priest to “invest” you in the Brown Scapular.

We had it done, this year. I made a special appointment with one of our priests (because our parish is large, and they are very busy), and he was just MORE than happy to invest us. He blessed our Scapulars, at the same time. It only takes a few minutes. And it is available to all.

Hope this answers your question. God bless.


To get a Scapular of Saint Michael go to this link:
they are very good scapulars. I have one.

Although you must be a member of the Confraternity of Saint Michael to wear it. Here is a link of the history, req. and info about the Confraternity.


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