A Schismatic Act?

Around 3 years ago at my parish There was a a Traditional Mass that was being held in our old church complex on the Easter Vigil by a group whose name I can’t remember. Our priest at the time told the congregation not to attend the Mass and to worship as a whole community. I felt this was an unfair as I thought the offering of the traditional mass was a positive thing and was being done by a legit group so I did not listen and attended the mass anyway and I fully participated in the mass up to and including receiving the Eucharist. I heard a rumour from a friend sometime latter that this group was performing the mass without the bishops approval . I’m wondering if it was a schismatic act to attend and by doing such thing did it result in Automatic Excomunication?

if this was a public act that your pastor protested your bishop spoke out at the time. Simply call the priest or bishop’s office and ask. What really happened is hard to discern from your description, as is why the priest allowed it in the first place.

The hard part is determining the status of the priest’s group, especially without a name. It doesn’t help either that we have nothing else to go on except a “rumor” that the bishop did not approve. The priest may or may not have been a member of a “schismatic group” but as long as he was a validly ordained priest, used the proper matter and form, and had the proper intention, (all of which seems likely), the Mass was valid although it may have been illicit.

The easy part is that is was not a “schismatic act” to attend, nor was any excommunication incurred. Think of it this way: does someone who simply attends a Protestant service automatically incur excommunication? No.

I think it would be difficult to commit schism unless you knew at the time you were committing it. It’s not really an act you can commit by accident.

If it’s strictly to attend the TLM, you fulfilled your Sunday obligation.

Can. 1248 §1 The obligation of assisting at Mass is satisfied **wherever **Mass is celebrated in a catholic rite either on a holyday itself or on the evening of the previous day.

Not a good idea to go against your bishop, though.

Hmmm. Not excommunication unless you want it to be, but, unless it’s a marriage or funeral, it might be a serious offense. A Protestant service is not valid.

Hmmm. Not excommunication unless you want it to be, but, unless it’s a marriage or funeral, it might be a serious offense. A Protestant service is not valid.

No, I’m pretty sure that, without more, it is not a sin to be present at a Protestant service.

I’m still not sure about that. Assisi has been thoroughly criticized. Even if it isn’t a sin, certainly there may be some point where you say, I like this service a lot, it makes sense to me, and I want to attend this service only and not go Catholic anymore. Seems as if there is a sin in there somewhere along the line.

The sin is at the bolded point. Being present at a protestant service is not problematic in any way, participating is (particularly taking communion).

Are you sure it was a legitimate group? I find it hard to believe that your priest spoke against it if it was.Call and find out what the situation was , don’t go by rumour. I think since you did not know if that it was an excommunicable offense at the time it wasn’t. You are going to have to look inside yourself and see why you thought it was ok to go against your priest without seeking appropriate understanding of his position . I think I would at least confess to that.

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