🦁 A school played 'The Lion King' at a fundraising event. Now it has to pay a third of what it raised

When an elementary school in Berkeley, California, hosted a “parent’s night out” fundraiser, they didn’t think playing the 2019 remake of “The Lion King” would do anything besides keep the kids happy.

That was until Emerson Elementary School received an email from a licensing company Thursday – more than two months after the event – saying they had to pay $250 for illegally screening the movie.

“One of the dads bought the movie at Best Buy,” PTA president David Rose told CNN. “He owned it. We literally had no idea we were breaking any rules.”

While the school doesn’t know how exactly the company discovered the movie was played, Rose said the school’s PTA will “somewhat begrudgingly” cover the cost of the screening.

An email sent to the school by Movie Licensing USA informed Emerson faculty that the company had “received an alert” that “The Lion King” was screened during an event on November 15. Movie Licensing USA manages licensing for Disney and other major studios.

And since the school does not have a license with the company, it’s been asked to pay $250 for the screening – and $250 per showing of the movie at any future events at the school.

Well, they do have the warning and wording before the
movie begins, but was there a tattle tale somewhere.
I mean “how did they know?”

Yeah I thought this was pretty much common knowledge… I don’t even know why its a news story. If you play a movie at a public event, you have to have proper licensing.


Apparently Dad never saw the warning on the case that it’s only for private home use.

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