A scrupulous question-from a scrupulous person(is this a sin?)


Ok so my room at home is very clean. Not a spot on it (or so it appears) and i regularly clean it and rearrange my furniture. But on thing is bothering my scrupulosity. You see i have ocd and before anything major ir anything exciting or really big. I feel the need to obsessively clean. Like scrub ny bathroom, dust, rearrange furniture, and just clean for hours. But there is one mess i have never cleaned. The under part of my bed and some tables are very gross (they are) and i have never even though to clean then (i forgot they were evn dirty. I actually made the mess when i was smaller (mist of it.) And a few weeks ago i decided allllll my stuff had to be perfectly clean before Easter. So iscrubbed the bathroom, reareanged the furniture and cleaned out my closet etc etc. But i reallly didnt want to clean under the bed and furniture (rhe really gross mess) so i put it off until yesterday. Yesterday i cleaned the mess up but had to go to Mass and was unable to finish. Now i got uptoday and felt really sick. (I have days like this often) and so i didnt finish. And i also had the same prob at my grandmas house (i have a room there-very clean except for this mess). And im afraidbi wont have time to clean it today. And u might ask why do u have to clean it today? Because easter vigkl us tomorrow and that is a really big thing!! And i am afraid to be welcomed into the Church because i have this idea that if i dont have this cleaned then i am commiting slith!! Please help!!! This has been driving me crazy…sorry for any spelling errors im on my phone abd its hard to type.

I am very scrupulous myself, and I can tell you I see no sin here. The only thing we have to be worried about being clean when we receive Jesus in the Eucharist is our SOUL. As long as we are not in a state of mortal sin (and for scrupulous people that usually means NO DOUBT), we may receive. Because the area under your bed is so dirty now, it will be difficult for you psychologically to clean it–to touch the dirty items. God understands that. This is not a sin. If it were a mortal sin for people to have dirt and junk under their beds and in their closets and in their basements, etc., practically NO ONE would be able to receive the Eucharist!!! If you can clean your mess and your Grandma’s mess before Easter, great, if you can’t…no big deal. Be at peace. :slight_smile: Also, I seem to remember that you aren’t yet baptized? When you are baptized EVERY SINGLE SIN you have ever committed will be wiped away. Even if this were a sin of sloth (and it’s not), it would be wiped away at baptism. Sloth is excessive laziness–spiritual or otherwise. You didn’t clean under the bed not b/c you were lazy, but because you accidentally overlooked that area for a long time. Now you realize it needs to be cleaned, but your OCD (I’m assuming you have this or at least you have OCD traits) is making it difficult for you to clean the mess. This is NOT sloth.

NO Megan, you are not committing a sin.

You MUST get help for your scrupulosity and OCD, however. Professional help.

Agreed; this story doesn’t have the slightest hint of being a sin.

Even if i put it off till later because i dont “feel” (kinda lazy) doing it now?! Sorry im just so scrupulous.

It is not a sin to decide to clean it later. The reason you wish to do it now is because you are stressed, and excited about tomorrow. This heighten anxiety makes you want to do something, and triggers compulsive thouughts. Take a deep breath, and smile my friend. Say, "God gives me the freedom to choose when I want to clean my home! I am free to decide! :slight_smile: Trust me, dust bunnies will not keep you out of Heaven! :thumbsup:

You are free to decide when you wish to clean your space. You are free!

Thanks! Maybe i will calm down now.

Remember that Christ himself welcomed into his presence people who were very ‘unclean’ indeed - lepers and the like.

The dust under your bed is of no consequence whatsoever. No sin. None. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

Be at peace.

Oh its not dust. Its actually.something VERY disgusting that no one would want to clean. Dies that mae it different?

Megan: STOP. It doesn’t matter what it is, how long it has been there, or why you do not clean today.


I suggest you not look back at this thread again. Do as advised. Take a deep breath and try to get your compulsive behaviors under control.


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