A short method of knowing God's Will


I had occasion to quote this in another thread and thought it just might deserve a thread of its own:

St. Francis de Sales
Treastise on The Love of God
Book 8 Chapter 18

Extract only ------------see above link for full text:
And although the difficulties, temptations and the variety of circumstances which occur in the course of executing our design, might cause us some doubt as to whether we had made a good choice, yet we must remain settled, and not regard all this, but consider that if we had made another 364choice we had perhaps been a hundred times worse; to say nothing of our not knowing whether it be God’s will that we should be exercised in consolation or desolation, in peace or war. The resolution being once holily taken, we are never to doubt of the holiness of the execution; for unless we fail it cannot fail. To act otherwise is a mark of great self-love, or of childishness, weakness and silliness of spirit.


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