A sign that one's faith is weak...


… is when one starts to be more concerned about the contents of another scripture than what is written in the scripture of one’s own faith.

I really did not plan to open this thread but I seem to be getting questioned on unrelated matters to the subject of the thread that I am currently focusing on and so I think it is probably better for me to respond to these questions on this thread.

First off, why should those who say that they do not believe in what is written in the Qur’an be so concerned about what it says regarding the fate of non-believers in the Hereafter?

I know what the Bible says about my own fate but it does not bother me at all because I just do not believe that my destiny in the Hereafter will depend on what the Bible says.

I think that it should be no different for those who do not believe in the Qur’an.

Second, is the truth and accuracy of your own scripture not an important matter for you?

Like I have mentioned, convincing oneself that the Qur’an is wrong does not prove that one’s own faith is the truth or vice versa and so I do not quite understand the motives of those who are attacking the scriptures of others without at the same time checking the truth of their own scripture as well.

Third, why is it so important for Christians to “save” the souls of Muslims??

You see, Muslims believe that on the Day of Judgment, we will not be questioned by the Creator on whether the people who we spread the teachings of Islam to eventually embraced Islam or not, but rather we will be questioned on the time and effort that we put in towards this cause.

And so, I can tell you that I am not on these boards to save anyone’s soul but my own.:slight_smile:


a sign that one’s faith is weak is keeping avoiding answering questions, instead hopping onto a new subject!:thumbsup:
your credibility is just about shot here hamba2han
try answering the points already made to you before starting on a new topic?
I doubt your sincerity based on previous lies you have told - I mean you present yourself as sincerely trying to find out if the Koran is truly the word of God, then complain about people attacking/criticising the Koran??? rather odd don’t you think?



Not sure. Could you post a link to the thread in which these things are occurring? I can not say based on the above statement. I personally, would need more context.

Truth and accuracy of scripture is very important for me.

Sometimes the motives of a person when they attack the fallacy of what another believes to be scripture is to show that IF your scripture is false, it follows that your religion would be also.

This of course, does nothing about proving the truth of one’s own scripture, but I would assume that those who use this tactic, have already done the research on the truth of their own Scripture.

Respectfully, since we do not believe your religion is correct, we fear that those who do not know the Truth of the Christ, will be lost to the fires of Hell. Similar to your belief, our judgement is not based on how many become Christians but how well we used the gifts given to us by God to spread the Gospel of Jesus the Christ.


This is the thread I was referring to.

It is a pretty long thread and it was actually more of a rhetorical question and so I will understand if you decide not to read it.:slight_smile:


Even Jesus loved his enemies…
Their is NOTHING wrong with being worried about those who are in this world with you! :wink:


Yikes:eek: That is long, and I think I will take pass on reading it since it was rhetorical anyway:p


not eating meat is also a sign of weak faith


Gee, maybe you should have told those of us posting on that thread that your question was rhetorical. You kept insisting there that the purpose of the thread was to sincerely determine how you can tell if a religion is true or not - no talk about rhetoric there. So you’ve finally confessed your lie - congratulations. :clapping:

Maybe your next step should be starting a new thread where you admit that everything you said on the thread you provided the link to was circular and contained no logic whatsoever. :rotfl:


He did not say the question was rhetorical on the other thread, he is referring to this thread.

And if this is the level of critiacal reading he experienced on the other thread, I can see why he was/is frustrated. As well as unjustly being called a liar since the “rhetorical question” he is referring to is clearly contained on this thread.


This is the rhetorical question I was referring to:

Why should those who say that they do not believe in what is written in the Qur’an be so concerned about what it says regarding the fate of non-believers in the Hereafter?

Since the answer is just so obvious to me, I did not really expect one.

However, if anyone wishes to elaborate on the answer, then I am all ears… or eyes, I think.

  1. You spent lots of time trashing the Bible. I am totally unconcerned about what the quran says about my fate. I could care less. It is drivel. Your destiny ultimately depends upon your relationship to Christ. You should be concerned.

  2. I am quite satisfied with the Bible. Your attacks have failed. Largely due to your misunderstanding of the text and failure to anticipate that we have answers to every question you could raise. I don’t need much to prove to me the quran is wrong. Just reading the text is enough or considering its source ie. muhammed. I believe in Christianity because it is true not because islam is false, although islam is certainly false.

  3. We want to see you saved because we are taught to love even our enemy. We don’t want to see you in hell. We also don’t want to see you spend your life in a false religion. Bute we too get credit for trying to enlighten you. What you do with the truth we give you is up to you. Your attempts at dua on this bb are doomed. Keep in mind that in muslim countries we could be killed for attempting to convert you or even just arguing with you. THAT shows your WEAK faith.


Because those of us who believe in a God who is Love and Mercy (the Triune God of Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit) find it concerning when apparently Allah in the Qur’an does not exhibit the same traits of Love and Mercy.

~~ the phoenix


:clapping:What a beautiful yet honest response that reflects the truth of Christianity as well as the love of Christ.


Doesn’t the Bible say pretty much the same thing about the destiny of non-believers who do not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour?

Shouldn’t these traits of Love and Mercy also be shown to these non-believers who will be sent to Hell?


I reread hamba2an’s post again and it still looks to me like he is referring to the thread he is providing a link to. :confused: Well, if I am misreading it, I apologize, but either way, why start a thread asking a rhetorical question, regardless of which thread it is? Doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of starting a thread for discussion?


Fortunately for you God takes into account invincible ignorance, so you might still have a chance. Mercy outweighs even justice with God. Since we believe God is love we can say that.


I think I can speak for most people on here, we are very comfortable with what the Bible tells us, and are not at all concerned with what the quran says. With what you are asking, i think you are seeing and reading things and interpreting them to what you want to think, not what we are actually saying.

Second, is the truth and accuracy of your own scripture not an important matter for you?

Of course the scripture is important, since the bible is not flawed and is accurate in every sense of the word.

Third, why is it so important for Christians to “save” the souls of Muslims??

This has already been answered

And so, I can tell you that I am not on these boards to save anyone’s soul but my own.:slight_smile:

This quote alone just proves how beautiful and helpful christians are to their enemies, we help and love them. By saying this, you have just proved muslims dont care about anyone but themselves, what sort of a God promotes that into a faith, surely not the God of christianity!


I do not read the Quran's teachings on the fate of non-believers in the Hereafter and start to panic as I am a non-believer in Islam, rather, I read the Quran’s teachings on the fate of non-believers in the Hereafter and get concerned that people in this world (Muslims) are believing what the Qur`an is teaching.

Ummm, I hope that makes sense, I just feel now like I have quoted something from “Get Smart” :o


Mar 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

This is why Christians “save” the souls of Muslims and actually anyone. And to be clear. Christ saves souls not the Christian. We only speak His Words, He convicts and changes the soul.

We tell people because the Lord asked us to. Simple as that.

You may not agree with this and you dont even have to its your choice. But its still a answer to your question. :slight_smile:


I think a sign of weakness is the inability to deal with even the most basic of questions in a fair and logical manner.

What I see from your posts on that other thread was that you simply push a belief based on circular reasoning and then reel in horror when people actually challenge the logic of that. You do so with this thread because you feel that people questioning you - when it was YOU who started that thread are weak in their own faith.

It shows how far removed Islam can draw people from rational thinking.

You can’t even see that starting ANOTHER thread about this questioning of your presumptions is simply part of your ‘submission’ to a way of thinking that divorces itself from rationality.

You started a thread and expected everyone else to be as meek in reason and accept the circular logic of the Koran. It’s from your god, because it is, because it is, because it is. When people actually try to discuss the faults of this you see it as weakness on our behalf (in our own faith)! That’s true submission.

That’s why Islam has such hold over so many because there’s special ‘blocks’ you put up in place when confronted by logic

Islamic schools don’t teach Islam as much as make people repeat over and over again Suras until the whole Koran is just part of memory.

Then convert before it’s too late!

Pray to Jesus to open your eyes.

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