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If love is infused, why doesn’t loving come naturally?

Appreciate any insights!

What do you mean by “loving doesn’t come naturally?”

For example, I can think of several cases where loving does come naturally.

Parent and child… Despite the few ‘exceptions’ (and we can argue that these are not ‘innate’ but are instead products of external, aberrational forces), most of us find it quite natural to love our children and our parents.

Husband and wife (despite the stresses of ‘modern life’) ditto. The ‘loving’ comes naturally; it’s again the external forces which unnaturally work against this.

And above all: People and God. For most (aside from those externals), a love for God is innate and natural. Certainly for God, His love is not only natural, and supernatural, but perfect; and this is what He not only has modeled for us (in giving His Son) but will help us to do for ourselves and others.

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