A sister and brother in Christ are angry with me


Hey everyone. A sister and brother in Christ are angry with me, very angry. I am so scared. The brother in Christ is Bipolar. I apologized to him even by buying him a pack of cigarettes. What else should I do? I didn't intend to make them mad, I promised them that.


I think the best you can do is apologize and then leave it. If something needs to be fixed repair it.

Just because you apologize does not mean they will be happy with you, but that is their choice and there's not a lot you can do about how they react.

Been there. Some would say not to defend yourself once you've addressed the grieved parties. In retrospect, I wish I had just kept quiet once I did the apologizing that was necessary.

Time can heal a lot.


You can’t do anything. If they want to be mad, they will be. It’s a choice.

And, don’t try to make it better by buying gifts (especially cigarettes!). If you didn’t do anything intentionally, it’s *their *problem. Do not let them guilt you. Ignore their little tantrum. If they are going to be that way, they aren’t very mature and you might look for some better friends.


How exactly did you make them mad? It's not like we know how to fix something if we don't know what's there to fix...


God bless,


Boy - anytime they need ciggs they just need to be mad at you?

Dear. That's called using.


You said you're sorry and even bought them a small gift. You did your part. Now, maybe they'll still be angry and choose not to associate with you. That's up to them, I wouldn't pursue it any further. Continue to love them in your heart, but if they don;t forgive you, just love them from afar.


Is his name Darrell? :D


Just right the wrong, with no gifts required especially if it was unintentional. Apologize for the misstep and move on. If they keep a grudge (which sounds like they are), pray for them but move on with life.:frowning:

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