A Small NY Town Was Filled With Topless College Students After a Guard Asked a Sunbather One Simple Question


So now androgynous females can go around topless because they don’t identify as females??

What are your thoughts?

My initial thought is that sunbathing is damn foolish

Even androgynous need their vitamin D!

With the “bathroom wars” apparently having been lost, this and all the rest will surely follow.

Amen to that. It’s hard to defend either from a moral or a health perspective. :thumbsup:

There’s nothing illegal about anyone going topless in New York State.

Legality doesn’t make it right though.

It’s makes it wrong for the police to hassle someone for being topless.

Yes, state court rulings have made it legal to go topless, although state law still bars female toplessness in public for commercial purposes.

This is simply a training issue, says Robert Grebert, director of the University Heights Association, a private organization that provides security for the Albany and Troy campuses of The Sage Colleges.

But even the city police seem to be unsure of the law:

Capt. Daniel DeWolf, a Troy police spokesman, said the department is aware of Sunday’s incident and the scheduled protest. DeWolf said he was unsure whether city code forbids public toplessness.


I assume that state law trumps city law, but is that so?

Just shows how far down our society has fallen, God help us. God Bless, Memaw

From Hamlet: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

You can take supplements. Nobody needs melanoma.


Does this mean that I no longer have to wear pants?:slight_smile:

I’m thinking we better ask God about that!! God Bless, Memaw

I don’t think the two would be analogous in the eyes of those who advocate toplessness for women. They’d equate pantslessness for men with the same for women and argue that women going topless is no different than men going topless. .

Who are we trying to fool ??? God Bless, Memaw

Well they’d argue no one. Instead they’d argue it’s we who’ve been fooled into thinking women’s chests are somehow “shameful” or “sexual” where a man’s chest which contains all the exact same biological components (albeit generally smaller) is somehow not and can be freely displayed.

It’s an interesting argument. Particularly in light of the fact we have historically, and now in recent years a resurgent, indifference to or even support for women’s breasts being in public view while breast feeding. :confused:

It is all part of the push to make the sexes identical–we are all exactly the same, so much so that bathrooms shouldn’t be identified for either sex and women should always be able to do exactly what men do, and vice versa. If the sexes are 100% identical, than two men or two women being together makes no difference–in fact, might as well just do away with the male and female labels since we are now declared identical.

The signs just say, “No shoes, no shirt” - never any mention of pants. :smiley:

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