A small town struggles after immigration raid

POSTVILLE, Iowa (AP) - A vague unease whispered through this tiny town in northeastern Iowa, where the rolling hills are a study in vivid colors - red barns, white clapboard houses, and vibrant green cornfields plowed with almost architectural precision. It drifted through Postville’s downtown, where restaurants serving tamales share three short blocks with El Vaquero clothing store, a kosher food market and the Spice-N-Ice Liquor and Redemption store.


I really don’t know what the solution to the immigration problem is. But I guarantee you it’s not what is described in this article. It is unconscionable what has been done to these people illegal or not.

I agree. Personally, I think we passed up a decent solution with the McCain/Kennedy plan. There is a lot to discuss in this article:

  1. …the personal tragedy for the families involved (illegal or not…it is still a tragedy).

  2. …the working conditions and skirting of labor/immigration laws by the employer (part of the reason I am for a solution that legalizes the workers in some way).

  3. …the Catholic angle - the illegal immigrants being arrested/deported are being replaced with legal Muslim immigrants from Somalia. I have nothing personal against Somalis immigrating and finding good jobs, but it sure would be better for Catholicism in our country to have more legal Catholic immigrants IMHO.

Presently, in the State of Iowa, the RCC buries more Catholics than it baptises.


Here is a quote from John Tanton the environmentalist mastermind of the anti-immigration movement:

“In California 2030, the non-Hispanic Whites and Asians will own the property, have the good jobs and education, speak one language and be mostly Protestant and ‘other.’ The Blacks and Hispanics will have the poor jobs, will lack education, own little property, speak another language and will be mainly Catholic.”

That isn’t something I would say in “polite company.” I also do not like the aforementioned scenario and I do not want poverty to be around me.

And do you have any evidence that those are good jobs? I do not think immigration always has a salutary impact. More workers in the labor market drive down wages; of course, that is simply labor economics.

Same problem in a lot of rural communities. In a town near where I used to have a Lake house the celebrations of 50th wedding anniversaries outnumbered baptisms by about three to one.

I suspect I catch a lot of flack for this but one of the solutions could be for ICE to concentrate on securing our borders and spend little time busting otherwise law-abiding illegal aliens far from the border.

I hope it is something you wouldn’t say in *any *company. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are some people who are anti-immigration, as opposed to just being anti-illegal immigration, and they do say some whacky things. I stopped listening to one talk show because he bemoaned the “browning of America” and encouraged people to “have white babies.” :eek: As someone whose wife is not white, I guess I took offense at that. My “brown” children are just as American as my white ancestors.

That said, I reject the assumption by many that those who are against illegal immigration are racist. I am against illegal immigration. I think we need to reform our system, repair the current situation (again, my idea of repair is very similar to the McCain-Kennedy bill), and strengthen our border security.

I am not interested in race. I am however interested in what this will do to the gini coefficient. Tanton implies that it would go up.

Call me coarse, call me callous, call me what ever you wish, but here’s what I see when I read the story. We have a small Iowa town that knew about and tolerated…nay, seemingly encouraged illegal immigrants to come there and work, and now feel bad they were taken away. In the order of guilt I blame first and foremost the company that hired these illegal aliens. The company leadership should go to jail for a LONG TIME and the company itself convescated and sold to the highest bidder. Next I blame the town that winked and nodded at the problem. Lastly I blame the illegal aliens who came their. They knew they were breaking the law, so it’s wrong, but they were trying only to better themselves. We will not solve the problem of illegal immigration until we impose SEVERE penalties for those that knowlingly hire illegals.

On a side note, the economy of Mexico is improving and some illegals are starting to go home…good news.

DON’T blame ICE, they were doing their job…blame the government for NOT PROSECUTING those who hire the illegals, they are the main cause of the problem.

Okay…well since I could care less about coefficients, I will leave you to your particular interests (iow…'whatever floats your boat!"). :thumbsup: :stuck_out_tongue:

The reference to John Tanton is not just a reference to a single person’s point of view. John Tanton is the father of the Anti-Immigration movement in the US. He is first and foremost a proponent of Eugenics/Zero Population Control which is what has brought him into the immigration debate. He also has strong ties to white supremicists and he hates Catholics because of our teaching on the sanctity of life and procreation.

Here is a list of some of the organizations John Tanton has founded and/or funded, not including the abortion clinics he’s founded:

In this list, “founded” means a group was founded or co-founded by John Tanton. “Funded” means that U.S. Inc., the funding conduit created and still headed by Tanton, has made grants to the group.

*]*American Immigration Control Foundation (AICF), 1983, funded

*]*American Patrol/Voice of Citizens Together 1992, funded

*]California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) 1994, funded

*]Californians for Population Stabilization 1996, funded (founded separately in 1986)

*]Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) 1985, founded and funded

*]Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) 1979, founded and funded

*]NumbersUSA, 1996, founded and funded

*]Population-Environment Balance, 1973, joined board in 1980

*]Pro English, 1994, founded and funded

*]ProjectUSA, 1999, funded

*]*The Social Contract Press, 1990, founded and funded

*]U.S. English, 1983, founded and funded

*]U.S. Inc., 1982, founded and funded

He is the most influential person regarding immigration and his organizations have purposefully and successfully impeded attempts at Immigration Reform in the US.

Keeping America Empty
How one small-town conservationist launched today’s anti-immigration movement
By Christopher Hayes

You, my friend, are coarse and callous! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: (just doing as I’m told :wink: )

Seriously, I understand where you are coming from, but I still have compassion for the people involved.

Regarding blame, I agree with you - including the ranking you gave. On the other hand, I am generally a pragmatic person (which brings much ire upon me from some “absolutists”). That is why I am okay with strengthening the border and, at the same time, trying to straighten out our issues through a worker program, or some other method of bringing people “out of the shadows.” I also think it would be of benefit to have more Catholics in the US, but I want them to be here legally.

The employers in this case were reportedly skirting more than one labor law - underage workers, no overtime pay and employing illegal aliens. As you said, there should be big penalties there.

Big deal. Most people who oppose illegal immigration don’t share his anti-Catholic, racist views.

I called Tanton a “mastermind.” I know he is a powerful person in the immigration debate.

In theory I agree with you. But in theory we shouldn’t have women and children hiding in a church from the United States government. It is the employers who should be penalized but we have to deal with things where they are now. Regardless of how much we may dislike illegal immigration there is no way we are going to deport 12 million people. It would be a crushing blow to the economy if we did.

The goal isn’t to deport 12 million, it’s to get them to go home on thier own. That begins by taking away the jobs they are supplied. Hey, I feel sorry for these families, but dagnabit, they knew they were coming here illegally and what the potential consequences were, so it’s hard to be “sympathetic” about them being disrupted.

Do you have any idea what 12 million people leaving will do to our economy? Having lived in Texas for 28 years and having been the accountnat for hundreds of small buisness’s I can tell you you dont have any idea what the impact of those people “leaving” will have.

“Law-abiding illegal aliens.”

Kind of a contradiction if you ask me. :wink:

Actually an oxymoron.But you know what I was getting at:)

I’m pretty certain that is why Bob said “‘otherwise’ law-abiding…”

To me, it’s sort of like a divorced/remarried (but not anulled) Catholic. The divorce/remarriage were events that leave them in a state where they can be “otherwise” devout Catholics. They can attend Mass regularly, contribute their time and talents as part of the Catholic community, but they can’t receive the Eucharist. We generally don’t forcibly remove these Catholics from the Church (though there may be some who would like to :stuck_out_tongue: ).

If, as a country, we had created an “anullment process” for the illegally employed workers - the McCain/Kennedy bill - then they could not only work and pay taxes as most of them are already doing, but actually do it under their own names and not be taken advantage of by the employers who are skirting the labor laws.

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