A snarky kind of day


It seems as if some people on the forum are in less than a charitable mood or are just having a bad day. Well, let me inform all the dissident, argumenitive people.

My feet hurt
my knees hurt
my hos hurt
my lower lumbar hurts
my back hurts
my shoulders hurts
my brain has atrophied.
Hey, I just hurt all over! LOL!
Thusly the best solution is to
go back to bed…take a nice nap…wake up and start again.
And when I start fresh…everyone will be in a better frame of mind!


I haven’t ventured into the main forums for awhile…I might tip toe in and have a look around.
I wonder if the moods reflect the weather posters are experiencing ? Like with children who race around before a thunderstorm and the wind building :thinking:
Perhaps more cold showers and a swim in the local pool or ocean should be prescribed :sweat_smile:


I am sorry to hear this. I encourage you to get some help with the atrophy of your brain before irreversible dementia sets in.


Alas, alas, 'tis late into the shrinkage of the aforementioned organ and thyself 'tis already slipping into Old English…and badly. To late, too late, says merry I.

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