A social group for Jews!


Discuss, pray, study the Scripture, exchange jokes, have fun.

If any Jew wants to take the reign of leadership of the group, feel free to do so. As a Catholic, I don’t feel worthy enough of leading a Jewish group.

Why not?

Because I feel like, as a Catholic, I shouldn’t be allowed to lead a Jewish group. Like, it’s not my place. Or something.

I just say that because Catholicism is the fulfillment of Judaism, no shame in educating.

I’m sure a “Jews, come be evangelized!” group would draw a lot of subscribers :rolleyes:.

It’s a group for Jews, not Christians.

Why a forum for Jews on a Catholic site? Are there forums for other religions, too?

It’s a social group, not a forum. Anyone can make a group for any religion or philosophy or whatnot. I think there’s an atheist group.

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