A song for husbands and dads


Mark Schultz sings a lot of great songs, but I ran across this one tonight, in scrolling through youtube.

Ok…it’s for everyone, but it’s a song composed for dads, it sounds like, by Mark Schultz (a Christian artist) …I thought you’d appreciate this. I think we can all relate to this video, let’s never take our families for granted. It’s a beautiful song. Tell your husband/wife/kids that you love him/her/them–often.:heart:

(Here’s a hanky in advance):o

Go to www.youtube.com and put into search Mark Schultz, and then click on “Do you even know me anymore.”



I cried. IT’s a very good song.


Thanks for posting the link, I can never figure that out.:blush: That song made me cry, too!! These Christian rock artists really capture the essence and meaning of pain, life, triumph, in their songs.


I’ll have to check it out another time. Right now, after the day I have had…crying is something I have been trying to avoid all day.


P.S. I am glad I am not the only one who cries at “sappy songs”:rolleyes:


Aw, katie…here’s a hug for you, girl. :console: I hope things get better for you.

(This song really isn’t sappy…it’s…well you’ll have to just listen to it):smiley:


You’re right. There’s just something about “tune” and “musical skill” that eludes them. :wink:


I just wanted to mention that I have listened to Mark Schultz since the beginning of his career. His music really does pull out a lot of emotion in you at different times in your life. He “broke into” the music scene with a song about a father’s prayer to God for his son that has cancer (it was based on a boy that Mark had met). He also has a great song for adoption. Sorry, just wanted to point these two out as well. :blush:

He’s My Son Sorry I could not find an actual video, so I just posted this one, there is also a vidoe out there with the story that he did live.

Everything to Me

Just search YouTube for his songs and you will be moved.


Hi MM–I heard those songs as well…his songs are great…so is his He Will Carry Me–I love that one!

For those who didn’t check out my other thread on this…here are a few more beautiful Christian rock songs out there now:

Jeremy Camp’s I Still Believe and This Man
Matthew West’s You are Everything
John Waller’s He Calls Me Son



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