A space discovery: Saturn moon has a LAKE. Your thoughts?

Does this mean anything?

Well… it’s a lake of ethane. That, in and of itself, is interesting.

How about providing a link with sources & details.

It was tough to find :stuck_out_tongue: …googled “Saturn lake”…here is the first result that popped up: space.com/scienceastronomy/080730-titan-lake.html

A giant, glassy lake larger than North America’s Lake Ontario graces the south pole of Saturn’s largest moon Titan, new research confirms.

“This is the first observation that really pins down that Titan has a surface lake filled with liquid,” said lead researcher Robert Brown of the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in Tucson.

Called Ontario Lacus, the lake extends 150 miles (235 kilometers) and covers an area of about 7,800 square miles (20,000 square kilometers). The lake structure is filled mostly with methane and ethane, hydrocarbons that are gases on Earth but liquid on the bone-chilling surface of Titan.

God is a pretty creative fellow.

That he is. Sometimes I think that he rather enjoyed creating fun little quirks such as this lake, so that he could watch us try to figure them out.

A lake of methane and ethane? Sounds like a whole new energy source with no drilling needed. T. Boone Pickens needs to get on this.

(If we hadn’t cut back so drastically on the space program after the moon landings, we might be a lot closer to doing this.)

There is speculation that other planetary moons may have liquid water under the surface. It is of course guess work but Europe is one such moont that arouses heated feeling feeling both for and against this notion.

God has demonstrated that He is a prodigious practical joker.

The platypus, for example.

He probably is saying, “OK, you smart guys … figure THAT out!”

Here’s another Saturn situation that God would like for us to explain:

The Braided “F” Ring:




No news here. That Saturnian moon (can’t remember which one it was) that the Cassini probe landed on a few years ago had lakes of methane and methane rain as well.


Oddly enough, "Mars is wet" (Yahoo!) - a NASA discovery.

**The space agency confirms that water exists on the red planet’s surface. **

Now this is a very important discovery for a number of reasons:

  1. It means that potentially, if we ever go to Mars, we might not have to bring our own water, which would require dozens of extremely massive and expensive ships sent in advance.

  2. Water on Mars (along with sand and gravel) means that you have the elements for making cement and concrete, which means that any humans traveling to Mars would have a virtually unlimited supply of easy-to-make building materials.

  3. It virtually guarantees that Mars used to be like Earth, containing rivers, lakes, and perhaps even oceans.

  4. Where there’s water, there’s always the potential for life.

  5. It also means that in the far future, there’s at least the potential for terraforming Mars back into a habitable planet.

I think your talking about the same moon this news is talking about. Cassini I am pretty sure orbited or landed on Titan. There were two probes sent I think though. I think it;s just been more or less offically determined.

Lake, schmake. Where are the fish? And can I put them in my aquarium

Yeah that would be pretty cool huh? and yeah too bad we cut back soo much. Who knows maybe they will increase funding to the space program…but I kinda doubt it. And unfortunately it seems from what I have read much of the general publics opinion on the space program is that while learning about things out in space might be interesting it is a big waste of money.

LOL! well maybe if we make a probe that can drill way down into Europa’s ice we will find a whole sea down there. And maybe just maybe there will be some life down there! Though even if there is it will probably be bacteria or very very simple multicellar life. As for life on titan…I suppose it could be possible, but it would probably be bacteria and if there is some I am willing to bet it would be underground, not too near the surface. But who knows.

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