A special Prayer


A few weeks ago, i was feeling so low that i felt the need to write a prayer in an act to ask God to help me. I was so moved by the simple prayer i wrote that the following day, my life changed. I can’t begin to explain it, or what happened but i owe eveything to Christ, St Paul and Peter.

This is the prayer that changed my life and i want to share this with you all, so that when you recite this prayer, mean the words and you will also recieve grace.

My Prayer for help

Oh lord, father in heaven
grant me an audience with thy devine self…
I ask upon thy holy spirit
that you come unto thee and clense me with yourlove.
I am sinking lord and sinking fast
i beg you to guide me and give me peace.
when i am at my weakest you are at your strongest.
help me, christ jesus.

I hope this helps people in need.



David thank you for sharing this wonderful prayer.
Your humility and honesty is a gift from God and I can understand how it will have blessed you and can help others.
God bless you for your generosity in sharing your insight, David.


Hi David -

Thanks for sharing. I think that writing out your own prayer based on your current circumstances is such a strong act of faith!!

I went through a similar experience and it too changed my life - then I drifted away from the prayer I wrote out onto different forms of prayer. I had taped the first prayer into a book of traditional catholic prayers that I was using at the time. Not long ago, I came across that book and reread my prayer. I was amazed to see that so many of my petitions were answered and I was not that person any more - it strengthened my faith and belief in the power of prayer.

I thank God that you too received such blessings!!



Thankyou for your kind words Trishie and Annie, have a great day, God willing.


Thank you.




Thank you for your prayer. Many times, short, simple prayers from the heart are the best. I like it…


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