A Stations of the Cross, with a very creative imagery that's not bloody, but not a hardly wounded look, like too many Passion of Christ images



The meditations, if you Google-translate the site (for those who don’t know how: highlight the link and push “copy”, highlight and backspace on the current search words in the search bar to clear that space, and then paste the website on the search bar and you should see a link next to the site saying “translate this” and click it), I can’t support or belittle. They’re a bit, uh, different. The artist, Prof. Jerzy Duda-Gracz (I’ve seen Jerzega Dudy Gracz too), is not only a religious painter. Some are secular images too.

I guess this Jasna-Gora Marian shrine has his Stations of the Cross.


I have a friend who owns a book with these in them. I didn’t realize they were completely online–the images are quite powerful (the colors are not as vivid on the computer). I like the Crucifixion image with the Polish saints:



Very well done :slight_smile:


What’s the name of the book? I bet the pictures are bigger. There’s a lot of details in the pictures.


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