A Story about Pope John Paul II, Whose Feast Day in 2016 is Saturday, October 22: the Pope and the Beggar Priest

About to have an audience with the pope, a priest, going into a basilica to pray thought one of the beggars on its steps looked familiar…
see catholicmom.com/2012/12/21/pope-john-paul-ii-and-the-beggar-priest/


Wow! Just beautiful! :slight_smile:


That was beautiful!

I can identify with the Beggar-expriest, I
USED to be smoke/alcohol/pornography
free, having given them up for about
two and a half years, but recently I’ve
been struggling w/ all three. I recently
went to confession, hopefully for the
last time for my pornography addiction.
God showed me that the Church is my
Mother and I must return thru confession
to her to be formally accepted into the
Family, God being the heavenly Father.

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