A sunny day, please


I live in the Texas/Louisiana region currently receiving FAR too much rain. We have had rain for over two weeks every day. Some days we get over a 1/2 foot deluge. After going thru both Katrina and Rita, we are worried about more rain. Rivers are over their banks in some areas. The option of a controlled flood release isn’t an option for some. I actually had to pull over on high ground so that I could swim to my doctor’s appointment this morning. Then a police cruiser noticing my dilemma in finding a safe way home had to push my car down the road a piece. My neighborhood floods easily, and the powerlines over head often go down.

It is merely sprinkling now, but the threat of more rain tomorrow is possible. And my dog reeks of wet-dog cologne.

We sure could use a break right now.

Thank you.


Oh, Melissa, there is so much suffering from this terrible weather!! Thank you for reminding us to pray.
And, you take care of yourself!! We need you here with us…


I’ll pray also. We’ve had terrible flooding in various parts of England recently. I hope for some sunny days too. :gopray:


Right now…at 5:45 AM CST…it is raining hard again.

Heavy hard. Like the sound of the rain overpowering your own normal house noises. I just wait to lose power again…

Thank you for your prayers. Never thot I would be a Prayer Warrier needing a prayer:shrug:


Bless you. I will care as well as I can care for myself. But God needs to stop raining us out.

Wait a tic…is this something to do with Evan Almighty?

Where are my goggles? Reilly, puppy girl? You ready to paddle for land?:wink:


Geez, stay out of that water! I know it looks harmless to swim a few feet, but I’m sure you realize all sorts of hazards lurk beneath the surface.

I’m praying for an end to the deluge.


I will pray for these intentions.


Thx guys…still raining as I type. I am considering outfitting my car with an Evinrude right now.


Keeping your intentons in prayer…Barb


Crikey…more rain till Wednesday. Over three weeks. It wasn’t this way the weeks I spent in London. All sunny in London. I might fare better in Seattle. Or So Cal.

Seriously, friends…I have a pool in my back-yard. I cannot charge entry just now. But I will admit you on the sly…mud swimming can be nice, right?


Praying for some nice weather :byzsoc: … have you started building an ark? You already have a dog… :stuck_out_tongue:


Praying He will move some of that wet stuff our way. Crops could sure use it:D


I’m praying, too. We’re in a drought, and you’re getting flooded. I’ll pray for some balance to this weather.


Drove through it all day on Friday to get to Houston. Wow.

Praying for relief soon and compassion for those affected.



Right? Too bad all the wood is water-logged.:wink:


Praying for your intention.


Dear Meanolemelissa…continuing to keep you in daily prayer. How lovely and entirely edifying to see a sense of humour in the midst of great difficulty!!! Hope the rain will stop soon and that things will come speedily as possible back to normal for you. St. Rita is the patron of desperate and/or impossible causes. I have a few intentions to bring to her tonight and will be lighting a candle with prayers for you too.

Dear St. Rita, model wife and religious, you yourself suffered in a long illness showing patience out of love for God.
Teach us to pray as you did. Many invoke you for help, full of confidence in your intercession, patroness of desperate causes. Deign to come now to our aid for the relief and cessation of rain and associated difficulties for Meanolemelissa. To God, all things are possible; may this healing bring glory to the Lord. Amen.


You made me cry. How beautiful your prayer was. Things seem to be better right now, as rain is concerned…but there is more forecasted. Thank you.


Still praying, Melissa!!
Our Lady of Prompt Succor, pray for the people who are experiencing this flooding. Amen.



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