A super-mom story


When we constantly hear the media reporting abusive mothers, it’s nice to find a story of outstanding motherhood…


A woman was recovering Saturday from skin graft surgery for burns she suffered when she rescued her 4-week-old twin sons and two other children from a fire in their apartment, then went back to save a fifth child.

Firefighters found Nabila Nazli unconscious from smoke inhalation but still cradling 5-year-old daughter Nimrah to protect her from the flames.


Wow. You are right… what a contrast to the horrible stories we hear in the news.

May God bless her with restored health. Her children need her. :gopray:


THANK you, kevinsgirl. I didn’t realize how severely the horrible mother stories were affecting me, until I was near tears when reading this story. (Or maybe that’s just the pregnancy hormones… :))

I add my prayers that God blesses this mama with good health, and soon!


That article was unclear if the fifth child survived so I looked it up. The fifth child and the mom are in serious condition (an upgrade from critical, as they were previously listed) but are both still alive after having been rescued by firefighters.


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