A Sword Will Pierce


Luke 2:35

And you yourself a sword will pierce so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.

Wondering about this passage. Seems a little obscure.

I get that Simeon’s telling Mary that she will need to suffer, but what are these “thoughts of many hearts” that need to be “revealed”? What’s that all about?



While Mary never suffered physical pain, she did suffer pain in her heart, especially where Her Son (and us, Her other children are concerned).
Didn’t Jesus open the hearts and reveal the thoughts of many while on Earth, and isn’t HE still doing that today? God Bless, Memaw


The Church Fathers speak about this. They argue that Our Lady was more than a martyr, for what she experienced throughout her life and especially during the Passion was the pain of death without experiencing death. Only a mother could understand these words, though…others can intuitively do so. Also some argue that the lance that pierced Christ’s heart went through Our Lady’s own flesh, for from her did Chris take His body…and while the lance could not affect Christ who had already given the spirit to His Father, it must have felt like the greatest sorrow to Our Lady at the foot of the Cross.

As for the thoughts of many hearts, this refers to the fact that the mission of Christ was to be the light, so that people would chose openly to follow the light or hide in the darkness. In this, a new event in the history of creation, the thoughts of many hearts (that is, the secret thoughts of many people) would be revealed. Why did Matthew, a publican and a tax collector on behalf of the Roman Empire, leave the desk and money after Christ looked at him but once and said: “Matthew, follow me”? Why did the High Priest not do the same? Why did the pagan Roman centurion say: “I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof”? Why did the Samaritan lady say: “even the little dogs do eat of the crumbs that are falling from their lords’ table”? These things caused great stupor and great surprise, because nobody would have guessed that those people had such faith, and vice versa.


:Hmmm: indeed Could it be that through how we treat her in the end we will be judged?

Remember we are taught by Jesus to love our neighbor as we love ourselves better yet as HE loves them. His mother is also OUR mother if we claim that Jesus became our Brother. So if we do not give proper honor to her are we not breaking the commandment? “Honor your father and mother”
How can we claim we follow Jesus if we cannot even love our spiritual mother?
So the hearts ARE in a sense revealed.
Just a thought, I may be way off base here.

Peace :thumbsup:

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