A tale of two services

I am visiting with my father & stepmom. Long story of their faith journey but both were once Catholic converts, then reverted back to Methodism after the divorces & remarriage, then no church at all. At one point they had started their own “universal life church” which consisted of family prayers & tax deductions. After that ended (don’t know why), she attended Methodist churches sporadically and he does not have much use for organized religion - not atheist or agnostic, but just does’t include God in much or feel the need to worship in congregations of people he doesn’t know or like. She had mentioned to me that she would like to attend the little Methodist church in their area, but did not have anyone to go with. I did invite her to Mass, (when I visited at Easter) but she cancelled & did not go. On this visit, I went to Saturday Mass, then took her to the little Methodist church on Sunday. I think she enjoyed it, but found things to criticize - female pastor, etc. I had not attended a Methodist service for many years. It was nice & enjoyable, fine for a prayer service, but definitely not “worship” as I am accustomed to in the Mass. There was a whole lot more scripture in the Mass on Saturday than in the Methodist service on Sunday - only one NT reading, no Gospel.
They ended with John Wesley’s covenant prayer, which is surprisingly close in content/meaning to St. Ignatius’ Suscipe prayer. I do hope she returns to some form of Christian fellowship. I will continue to invite her to join me at Mass when I visit.

Will pray that the Holy Spirit leads your father and stepmother back to Christian fellowship.

I too pray you and your family, as well as all families, unite together in worship.


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