A Tall Order


Hello. Are there any Orders that exist, which look more towards Asia and S. America for their missions and that are a cross between Dominicans and Franciscans?




I can see where this is going…

Maybe a more popular question amongst serious Catholics might be:

Are there any milkshake recipes that exist online, which have more of a MacDonalds / Burgerking flavour and that are a cross between chocolate and raspberry?

(Preferably one that mainly uses fruit instead of sugary ingredients but that still makes a nice sweet milkshake)…

…a kind of smoothie milkshake?!


Of course, if sweet goodness is in short supply, one can always grab the other kind: :popcorn:

(although salt is tastier).


There should be. I know of a couple of foreign language blogs which post Communities. One is Polish, the other Spanish. The Hispanophone blog lists a lot of Communities in Central and South America.


I got an answer! :extrahappy:

(no milkshake recipes needed after all ).

Thank you for the reply! I will look the blog up. :thumbsup::slight_smile: I wonder if any of the communities on the site teach the native language (no doubt, Spanish) when there?! I don’t speak a foreign language but would be willing to learn.

Also, what would be good to know, is, if there are any U.K or U.S missionary Orders that do send people to those places. I think most Orders probably just keep friars in their own native lands but this is not what I really imagine being a friar to be all about.


Here’s the Hispanophone blog:


Please use Chrome for ease of translation.

Another idea is to look up the area of the world to which you are attracted and check the archdiocesan websites.


Hi again. Thank you for the links. :slight_smile: Had a quick peak already. A couple of the male Orders from the divinavocacion.blogspot.com look interesting, especially the Carmelite Contemplatives - maybe a cross between the Franciscans and Dominicans.


I am looking at an order that has branches rather then classifications of third orders etc. it is kind of new, having started in Italy in the 1940’s.

I am not sure what type of missions it has, but I do know it’s major work is prayer and spreading the Word of a God. It has Priests, Monks, Nuns and Laity.

Not sure if it has hit Holland as yet.

I think it’s got Benedictine principles. But I could be wrong.

This order is in
Italy ,
Australia, Benin, Colombia, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.


Hi. Thanks for the post. :slight_smile: Sounds good. If you can find the details or if you come across who they are at some point in the future and if you remember then could you please post the details up on here. That would be great, if so. Colombia fits the S. American requirement. Being in the U.K fits the training side of things (being able to understand what it is one is learning, initially) and Benin fits the more Eastward missions - in this case, Africa. Sri Lanka too, is of course Asia! Italy is Italy, so a useful destination for inspecting the Sistine Chapel! :smiley: I joke. Italy is probably the destination for those religious who wish to be trained as priests.


By ‘tall order’, I don’t mean to show interest in joining an order with giants. That would be uniquely awkward. Maybe spiritual giants, so then one could learn a thing or two, but not physically tall giants, like eight ft tall brothers, or anything. Not that it would be held against them but would one might find the chairs out-sized and the LOTH books far too heavy.

(If this post looks to be a very silly way of keeping my thread-Idaho in continuance then one would be excused for thinking this).


A tall order, in my interpretation, means a great uniqueness in what’s requested. Needle in a haystack sort of deal.


Would like to hear more about this.


I am learning more about them over the next few weeks.

Friard chips, I think of a tall order like a tall ship


Hi. Sorry I couldn’t reply quicker. If you do find out more then you do, if not, don’t worry.

Thank you for the lovely insight in comparing a tall order with a tall ship - I like it very much. :slight_smile:


Got it in one! Well put.


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