A Tallly of Federal Rescues

from the NY Times:

The “Fed” (Federal Reserve) isn’t government. They are a cartel of private crook banks. The Fed owns 47 Lear jets, they have six figure salaries, they have subsidized dining, bullet proof limos, a pension package that would make any bureaucrat blush, combined with full medical / dental benefits; a $400 million dollar art collection, and a full time curator for the private offices inside the federal reserve. On top of all this they’re guaranteed a six percent dividend on money that they create out of thin air. And NONE of this is subject to appropriation by Congress - not one cent.

The “Fed” has allowed $3 of debt to be created for every $1 in existence, without any oversight. The Fed should be nationalized immediately.

One thing about that graph bothers me… There should be another gray bar titled “military” (actually they would rather title it “defense”) which would be about as high as the social security bar–well over $500 billion since before 9/11–and then they could stack the Iraq and Afghan war bar on top of that. That would provide a better picture of reality. To leave out “defense” spending on a chart like that seems disingenuous.

The Fed’s history is black, and includes the Kennedy coup d’état.

Worth a listen: disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/9525/Federal_Bailout_Plan_Disaster_Pt_3_3/

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