A Thank You Message to All of You


I have just been having a few bad weeks and I just want to say thank you to all of you and to CA. At times I feel as if this forum is the only adult “conversation” I have (I work for my mom’s daycare and live with her, so we don’t talk much about things other than kids, and I am a mother of a toddler who I am with most of the time - she’s with her dad for about 1 day a week, and I’m usually with them). So, thank you for providing some form of adult stimulation of my brain. If not for you all, I think I’d be a little more brain dead by now.:smiley:


Glad to be here, and thank you, as well. I work in a school. I know the feeling.


Ooooh, am I ever in your boat, gmarie! I am the single mom of a toddler and I work as a nanny, so I’m incredibly grateful for the adult conversation and intellectual exercise the CAF provides. :smiley: Helps with cabin fever, too!


been there done that… I so know how you feel! When my ex left me with our 3 children and I worked at an aftercare program…I literally went weeks without adult conversation devoid of child care talk. I never went out because I couldn’t afford a babysitter, it was seriously over 2 years of 24/7 with kids. I had no family nearby to help me out and when I did go see my family, my mom suggested I go out without the kids…finally I thought! Then she said be back in 2 hours…2 HOURS!!! 2 years of no time to myself and mom thought I should go out for 2 hours! But, thankfully it does get better. The things I would do differently are making time for myself and it is ok to need that time. I wish I figured it out sooner. My first taste of time alone was sending the kids off to PSR and I spent that 1 hour a week in a perfectly empty church…it was the best thing I could have done! Oh how happy I was! Eventually I started working with adults, my kids got big enough that I could do grocery shopping by myself, occassionally go to Walmart for an hour alone…etc. I sure wish I had internet and a computer back then!

Take care of yourself…get some adult time, you will be a much better mom because of it. I will pray that you have a good support system around you and that you continue to be able to come to CA and destress. God Bless you and all in the same boat.


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