A Thank-You Published in Honor of St. Jude


While I did not receive a direct answer to my prayer, St. Jude’s intercession provided answers to countless other prayers that I didn’t even know I should be praying. He prayed for what my soul needed, not for what I thought I needed. I can’t begin to tell you how much life has changed during the course of this Novena. The result is a path that will eventually answer the original question. I could write a book about everything that has happened in the last nine days, but suffice to say it has been a humbling and grace-filled experience.

St. Jude, thank you for praying for me, for knowing me needs better than I knew my own, and for setting me on a better path. You are a holy and faithful servant of God, and I am humbled that you took my burdens upon yourself. I encourage all in desperation to seek your intercession: ourcatholicprayers.com/prayer-to-st-jude.html


Happy for you!


Just one shameless bump for St. Jude, I promise!

Let him help you!



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