A Theology of Wonder: Intro to the Poetry of St. Ephrem the Syrian

This webinar was extremely educational. I really learned a lot from it tonight. Most Catholics (Eastern & Western) have either 1) never heard of St. Ephrem, 2) heard of him but know very little of him (that’s me) or 3) do know about him & love him (the last group being Syriac Catholics like our beloved @Alexandria2020 and @Elvis_George). @dochawk, you will appreciate it too!

This is a very scholarly yet inspiring video. Enjoy!


Wow😍. Thanks a lot Margaret!


I’m so sorry for not telling you and @Elvis_George about it earlier. It is very scholarly (TBH I didn’t understand some of the terms he said) but you’d probably recognize the Syriac terms he used. In the beginning, Dr. H explained that he was using older Syriac terms so you might find the spelling different from what you know. (Maybe @Elvis_George can help.)

I really liked what he said about Scripture as one of the sources of wonder. That blew me away.


My wife and I listened to this live last night. Very interesting content!

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Will definitely watch it my friend! the CCD book the eparchy of Chicago uses heavily relies on the theology of Mar Aprem

What’s the CCD book? I’d love to have a look at it.

I used to go to church with Andrew Hayes back when we were both parishioners at Holy Transfiguration Melkite Greek Catholic Church in McLean, VA. He and his wife are both lovely people.


It’s currently not available online but you can always ask the Department of Catechesis

Oh my gosh! They have a diploma course in theology that’s accredited through the Pontifical Oriental Institute!!!

I know what I’m asking for for Christmas. :grin:


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