A thought about the Total Consecration

I’m preparing to renew the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary on Monday, and I thought maybe some others are preparing too… in any case, here’s something I came across that really helped me to understand it better, so I thought I’d share :slight_smile:

"When we have to offer anything to a great personage, we get it presented by the person he likes best, in order that the homage may be agreeable to him. So our prayers have quite a different sort of merit when they are presented by the Blessed Virgin, because she is the only creature who has never offended God. The Blessed Virgin alone has fulfilled the first Commandment - to adore God only, and love Him perfectly. She fulfilled it perfectly.

All that the Son asks of the Father is granted Him. All that the Mother asks of the Son is in like manner granted to her. When we have handled something fragrant, our hands perfume whatever they touch: let our prayers pass through the hands of the Holy Virgin; she will perfume them."

St John Vianney

If we could make our prayers more pleasing to God by giving them to Him through the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary, - why not our hearts and all our lives, too? :slight_smile: in the Total Consecration, we give everything that we have to Jesus through Mary… and because it’s done through Mary, it makes our offering more pleasing to God. She makes it more beautiful.

God bless :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: God bless you on your Consecration to Jesus through Mary!

If you can, I highly recommend you to buy or borrow this wonderful book called My Ideal: Jesus, Son of Mary by Fr. Emil Neubert, S.M. It is in the format of conversations between Jesus and a disciple in the first two parts, Mary and the disciple in the second two parts, and Jesus and the disciple again in the conclusion. I am very sure that it will open your eyes to the possibilities that will be opened to you upon consummating your consecration.

Let me give you some gems from this little book:

**(Excerpts from Part One, with Jesus talking to the disciple) **

Do you know the most perfect kind of devotion to Mary? Search in books,consult theologians, ask the greatest servants of Mary that the earth has ever produced for the secret—and you will find nowhere a devotion more perfect than the one which I am going to teach you and which consists in sharing in My own filial love for My Mother? … Tell Me, can you imagine any more perfect dispositions toward My Mother than Mine?
[RIGHT]page 4, emphasis by the book[/RIGHT]

Many love Mary as if she were their Mother: tell Me, what would your mother answer you, if you said to her, “I love you as if you were my mother?”
[RIGHT]page 10, emphasis by the book[/RIGHT]

Now, Mary is your true Mother, and so perfect a Mother, just because she is My Mother. And you are My brother—My infinitely dear brother—because My Father is your Father and My Mother is your Mother.
[RIGHT]page 14, emphasis by the book[/RIGHT]

But you should not imitate Me only as a disciple imitates his master…I am more than a model placed before you, I am, for you, an interior principle of life. You live by Me. My dispositions must become your dispositions…You live: it is no longer you who live, it is I who live in you. You love My Mother; no, it is no longer you who love her, it is I who love her in you.

Do you understand now why you are so happy in loving Mary? It is I in you who am happy in loving her.
[RIGHT]pages 14-15[/RIGHT]

You should love My Mother because I love her; you should love her in the way I love her; you should love her with the selfsame love as I do.
[RIGHT]page 16[/RIGHT]

(The chapter titles of Part Two, where Jesus is still talking to the disciple)
To Imitate Me, Give Yourself to My Mother Without Reserve
To Imitate Me, Love My Mother
To Imitate Me, Obey My Mother
To Imitate Me, Honor My Mother
To Imitate Me, Resemble My Mother
To Imitate Me, Have Confidence in My Mother
To Imitate Me, Live United With My Mother

(Excerpts from Part Three, where Mary talks to the disciple)

Chapter I: My Aim: To Transform You Into Jesus
My beloved child, to whom I gave birth when giving birth to Jesus, in whom I see Jesus, and whom I love with the same love I have for Him, my Firstborn Son has taught you to be a son to me as He Himself was. I am going to be a mother to you as I was to Him.

Like Him, you have given yourself entirely to me. But I do not wish to keep you for myself alone: it is for Jesus and for you—for Jesus in you and in others—that I have called you to be my child of predilection…

First of all, I wish to take care of your education as I did for my Son Jesus. You are my child because you are one with Him, and so I shall still be rearing Him when I rear you.

Rearing you means teaching you to live fully the life of Jesus; it means making you think, love, will, speak, and act as He did; in a word, it means changing you into Him.

It means bringing about in you a transformation similar to the Transubstantiation which the priest operates in the Sacred Host: to the physical eye the host always appears as bread; but to the eye of faith it is Jesus! You also, exteriorly, will remain yourself, but interiorly, in a certain way you will be Jesus Himself.

…What I have done for others, can I not do for you? Only let me carry out my plans; on your part be docile to my word.
[RIGHT]pages 55-56[/RIGHT]

(A Prayer by the Disciple in Part Four)

O Mary, I am entirely yours, and everything I possess belongs to you. For you and under your orders I wish to work, fight, suffer, and die. My battle cry will be “Maria duce! Under Mary’s leadership!”
[RIGHT]page 88[/RIGHT]

God love you.

Beautiful! Thank you so much Monica, you’ve given me some food for meditation.

Having just learned of the idea of total consecration a few days ago, I was having some trouble understanding it. Your post helped a lot! Thanks Monica.

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