A Thread For Those Who Suffer From Worry, Anxiety, Sadness, or Depression


**Hello Everyone! :wave: **

**As you probably know from several of my posts, I suffer from both anxiety and depression. **

**Recently, I have been reading SO many threads about persons that are also suffering from various forms of worry, anxiety, sadness, and depression. :frowning: It pains my heart and I want to do something about it. So, I had this feeling that I should start a thread for persons (like myself) who suffer from worry, anxiety, sadness, or depression. **

**We cannot offer medical, psychological, or therapeutic advice, due to CAF regulations. However, we can offer emotional and spiritual support. :grouphug: We can certainly pray for one another and lend a shoulder to cry on! :console: We can certainly let each other know what helps us get through a typical day. **

Let us pray for and make feel welcome, all who come by this thread! :slight_smile:

**A REMINDER: We cannot offer medical, psychological, or therapeutic advice. This thread will be closed if these topics come up. Thanks for helping to keep this thread open! :thumbsup: **


I think this is a great thread, I suffer from depression, I actually have a 11month old daugther and almost died during child birth so I got my tubes tied, my husband really wanted me to(he is not Catholic) and the doctors all told me I would not live through another pregnancy, but every day I am so upset because of it. I can believe I did this. and that I will not have any more precious babies. I also had a very troubled child hood that haunts me every day


I suffer from PTSD with reactive psychosis. I have to be on so many meds it is ridiculous. With God’s help I have gotten off of some of them. I have a Christian counselor who helps me. With God’s grace I have been able to learn to cope with my mental illness. I say my prayers and have regular prayer time which helps immeasurably. My husband is a rock for me through this.
I haven’t had a pschotic episode since last October, thanks be to God. There is hope but I always encourage people to see their doctor.


:console: I am so sorry to hear all of this. We all have pasts that haunt us. Some just more than others. I also know the tubal ligation can be a very painful experience emotionally. That is one reason why our Church is so against it. Maybe talking to a priest about it would help take away some of the pain that comes with this? Have you been able to try that yet? I know its hard, but it might be the first step to healing.

You have a beautiful family there in your signature. You are so blessed to have a husband and five children! :heaven:


Thanks for sharing your story. I am so glad that you are doing alright and haven’t had major troubles for several months. PRAISE GOD IS RIGHT! :bowdown2: I am also glad you have found a Christian counselor, and are married to such a supportive husband. :thumbsup: My husband is my rock in the difficult times too. :yup:

Unfortuantely we cannot encourage people to see a doctor or take medications here. They will close the thread if we do. Though I know they are important and helpful to many individuals. :slight_smile:


Thank you for starting this thread.
I’d just like to encourage openness and understanding with regards to these conditions… and to remind everyone that seeking medical advice or counseling is not a sign or spiritual weakness.

(I’m not advising anyone here to seek such medical advice or counseling… just reminding that it’s within the bounds of our faith)…

Often times these ideas are DIScouraged, and are interpreted as signs of spiritual weakness… and I just wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding of what the Church teaches regarding getting medical help when necessary.


By all means it is not a sign of spiritual weakness. But it remains up to the individual to decide. That is where we must leave it at on this thread.

Good point Emily! And thanks for joining us! :thumbsup:


Hello! Thanks for this thread too! :]
I’ve recently just come out of a severe phase of depression,
along with paranoia. But sometimes I still feel these things creeping up on me, along with other past experiences that I cant put out of my mind. I used to be close to GOD but im not anymore. I really dont know what to do, and life is such a mystery to me now i wonder if i even have a future? I try to read the Bible and pray, I’ve been advised by a wonderful priest to continue taking Communion even if i think ive sinned to badly (i have low self esteem too…)
Sorry, im babbling on.
Just wanted to get this out, i really want to be closer to GOD again and want my life back.
Please pray, i’d really appreciate it! :smiley:
You’re in my prayers~!


QUOTE=cranberi;2367619]Hello! Thanks for this thread too! :]
I’ve recently just come out of a severe phase of depression,
along with paranoia. But sometimes I still feel these things creeping up on me, along with other past experiences that I cant put out of my mind. I used to be close to GOD but im not anymore.

Hello dear Cranberi, can you elaborate? Why are these experiences placing you farther from GOD?

I really dont know what to do, and life is such a mystery to me now i wonder if i even have a future?

You are a child of God, yes you have a future. What is your doubt about that?

God created you.
He loves you.

I try to read the Bible and pray, I’ve been advised by a wonderful priest to continue taking Communion even if i think ive sinned to badly (i have low self esteem too…)

reading the Holy Scripture is something every Catholic ought to do.
Why do you call this man a “wonderful” Priest if he is clearly not?:confused:

Sorry, im babbling on.

Please continue.

Just wanted to get this out, i really want to be closer to GOD again and **want my life back. **

Please pray, i’d really appreciate it! :smiley:
You’re in my prayers~!

You have my prayers.

Can I ask you why you think your life has been taken hostage?

Are you in need of medical help?


When I look back to how I was 2 years ago I thank God everyday that I am still standing.

My depression started in 1998 due to marriage problems and loss of my mother. I was in and out of hospital, seen a Psychiatrist for 7 years been on Anti-depressant. Because of all the drama that I had been through in 2002 the psychiatrist diagnosed me as been Bipolar Mood Disorder. Then in Oct 2005 I took a overdose of tablets because of my marriage problems and physical and emotional abuse by my husband and after been married for 12 years with 2 kids I found out that my husband was cheating on my with a 19 year old and left me for her and later I found out that she was pregnant.

Then in January 2006 I had a complete breakdown and landed up in hospital and had to have Electroconvulsive Treatment (shock treatment) to get me out of the severe depression that I was suffering. I think with everything that happened I finally decided that this was not the life that I wanted for my kids. They had lost their father already they could not also loose their mother.

While in hospital a Christian Women came to me after visiting a nearby patient and asked could she pray for me and I said yes. From that day I had decided that I needed to leave things in God’s hands and have faith, hope and belief in him. That he does heal you and it is a process. I have not seen the Psychiatrist since Jan 2006. I have not taken anti-depressants since then. I do have moments when I feel down and out but not so severe as I used to.

I do feel sadness and loneliness but not as bad as before. I can control it now I read my bible or listen to Gospel music. But as time goes by I feel that something happened to me that day that I needed to make the change for myself and also for my kids. I am only 33 years old and my kids are a girl 6 and boy 9 and they need me. There days I feel so despondent that I get this jolt that says pray ask God for guidance let him be your guide.

We all have a choice in life we can choose to be miserable, unhappy, depressed or we can choose God and be happy. I am learning so many things lately and everything is a lesson to me. That have faith in God and not in people he will show you the right way. And when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror thank God that you are alive thank him for all the good he has done in your life. My healing process is moving in the right direction it is a struggle but at the end of the day we are still standing.


I don’t want to hi-jack the thread, but if there are any spouses of those suffering from these difficulties, please pm me. —KCT


hello all


we cannot Judge this priest based on the quote the respondant posted,we do not know her exact medical conditions,nor do we know what “she/he” considers a “too bad of a sin”

If the man is helping someone he is a "wonderful person"
we need to quit being so fast to label someone or “JUDGE” them…
this thread kind of died a bit after this post I think its because people do not want to be criticized or judged as SO OFTEN happens in these forums.

OK i have stated my peace!!!



Hi Convert! I appreciate your thread…I have gotten much better through praying the Rosary and Chaplet…but at times…allow that pesky devil to gnaw at me, taunting me that I should be worried about this or that. The beauty of our faith…is that Christ is walking with us daily…holding our hands, and He has it all under control. God’s will – when we follow it–really takes the burden off of wondering what we should do next…or wonder if we made the right choice…it is all taken care of by our Holy Father.

My prayers to everyone here and anyone who worries, or has depression issues. I don’t have depression issues, but overworrying could lead to that, I suppose.:o


I also suffer from anxiety and depression. I’m on medication and I have received counseling in the past, and may receive it again in the future, if I feel the need for it. I’m so glad to see a thread for this.



No offense but do you go looking for threads that you can start a confrontation with? The last post in this thread was back in June and you have brought it back. I do not see any judgement in what Hellisreal posted about the priest. We are to call a sin a sin and we are to hold others to the truth. If a priest is telling you that it is okay to continue receiving Communion when you are in a state of mortal sin, that is wrong! Period. You cannot tell me that he is giving good solid Catholic advice.

It truly gets old to hear time and time again that someone when we have an opinion about something that we are being judgemental…or stop judging them…blah blah blah on and on we go.

I just do not understand it. Why is Hellisreal not allowed to ask a question? We are allowed to question things and be aware of the truth. Why are we not allowed to have an opinion or call out someone who is not speaking the truth without being labeled as judging them?


I suffered from depression and anxiety for years thinking our “marriage problems” were at the core and “I” was somehow responsible for my misery. I took prescription meds and honestly thought I would be on them for the rest of my life. It wasn’t until I got pregnant with my 4th baby, quite a surprise there, that I gradually over 12 weeks went off the meds. Turns out I am far better off without them, and my mind was suddenly a lot clearer. I came to the realization while scrubbing floors, with my huge pregnant belly in the way and tears streaming down my face, after being called “Moron” and having a slew of filthy names thrown at me all day by my husband, that I realized “Oh my gosh. There’s nothing wrong with ME! I’m with an abusive man!”

I got in the car & went to the sheriff’s office that day and learned that many of the things that had happened to me over the years were verbal and emotional abuse and some things were illegal! I got an order of protection and requested the court make him get Anger Management. I realized that day, and it has since been confirmed by my therapist and physicians, that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH ME. It is my HUSBAND that is abusive, has anger issues from a painful childhood, and HE that needs medicating.

Things have not been perfect, It’s still very hard to admit that I may end up divorced some day. Not by my choice, but by sheer will to live a life of peace. But thank God I got help and came awake to the fact that I wasn’t to blame any more.


Ill answer your question simply, I stated what I said because the priest never said according to the post that she was allowed to recieve while in sin she stated that she thought she was sinning,
because we do not know what is ever confessed charity tells us to assume that the person is wrong in thier assumption of sin and that the priest knows best in this particular case. Maybe she thinks a “bad sin” is saying oh darn when she gets upset.
or did you possibly think she has an illness that would keep her from being liable for her own sins as well?

of course noone thinks of that they jump on the bandwagon and assume right away the priest is wrong and have no real clue of the facts surrounding the situation, then when someone points it out others jump in and try to tell that person how wrong they are.
because they think they see an opening,
the news is filled with enough trash some true some not about our priests we dont need more bad publicity or as I call it
"GOSSIP" going around without all the facts surrounding it.
had the responder simply said the priest may be wrong in this situation no real issue, but she came right out and explicitly said
he is “clearly not” which in itself is not shown to be true.
he “may be wrong” but is not “clearly” wrong as she has stated.
so did you read her post or are you just jumping on me because I am an easy target?

Because in that response the man was not only judged but also convicted, whats worse is it was on one sided partial testimony.
kind of exactly whats going on in many courts right now with many priests. I am not one to normally defend priests But in this case for some reason that post really affected me and I was compelled to post my response, I am not looking for a “fight,or a war” had enough of that for 3 lifetimes dont need anymore.But I wont sit back and let someone defame someone else without facts either, thats just wrong. and I am the first to admit I am not always correct either,much of the time My wording leaves something to be desired at best,

now the other reason I posted here besides the obvious is I feel this is a thread that needed to be brought back up visible, In my neck of the woods things are realy bad and people are doing drastic things, if this thread can make a difference in one persons thought process besides my own then its worth it…



i have always had problems with anxiety & depression. i don’t know why. My family has a history of mental illness. i don’t want to go on meds so i manage as best i can.
This last year i feel that i have made a lot of progress in overcoming many of my fears & phobias.


I know this is an older post but I fit your description. If I can help in any way feel free to PM me.

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