A thread to share Fellowship and Gods Love - Give us a story!

Dear friends on CAF :thumbsup:

This thread is about what we all do for the Love of God and how we can Share Fellowship in that Love.

Please it is not a thread to discuss religious points of view, there are ample Threads to undertake that type of talk on!

So lets start this thread with Prayer and Reflection. This is one of the most rewarding parts of Faith. Praying and Communing with God morning, during the day and evening!

We get our connection to the Love of God through this prayer, the more sincere the prayer the more effect it has on our Soul.

Prayer has some unusual answers and I would like to share this great story from a Friend that He told me the other day :thumbsup:

My friend as he was driving along was contemplating the current status of the world and the conflict that is happening, at the same time He was considering the trouble the local community was having sharing the Love of God to others, as these thoughts and prayers were being reflected with Love to God.

Now here in Australia in Far North Queensland there lives quite a few who are known as “Bogan’s” usually know for their alternate choice of many things and vehicles that are different.

At the time that my Friend was well into these thoughts a Bogan Vehicle came out of the shadow of the trees from the other direction and on top of this vehicle was a large sign. My friends vision was drawn to the sign and in the middle of all these thoughts the sign was read, and the advice on the sign was;

“THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON” :smiley: :wink:

Now when the friend told the story you can imagine the joy and fun we have had with that :thumbsup:

God may very well be there to answer our question in some little way, we joked on this occasion, may be God should have at least put flashing lights around it as well :blush:

I hope we can all share wonderful stories of Faith and Gods Love

Regards Tony

Good morning Tony!

How thrilled I am to see this thread; what a wonderful idea! I hope you have lots of replies; I love reading about the truth of God writ small on people’s lives. :slight_smile:

I have LOTS of stories but I won’t bore you; here are two.

My husband and I were working together at the same company and had bought our first home. We were earning plenty of money, successful, young and in love. Utopia, right? Wrong! Something was missing. I come from a large family but my husband is the only child of older parents. He pined for his folks; on the other side of the country and I was miserable that he was miserable. We prayed on this regularly; discussed it and allowed that ‘God’s will be done’. We even discussed leaving our jobs, selling up and moving closer to home but hung on - we were making lots of money!

We spent a fortnight’s holiday at home with his folks and when we returned to work, the atmosphere had changed. A new lady at work in a senior position decided that I was anathema to everything she approved of and my husband uncovered a situation at work that he had to blow a whistle on. We discussed coming home but hey! All that money!

Gradually, we lost our peace of mind and the joy seeped out of our lives. My son was bullied at school and it was very poorly handled. Still, we prayed for an answer! ‘What should we do?!’ Eventually, God decided that only a pink neon loudhailer would get our attention. My husband got a call to say him Mum was seriously ill. Suddenly; our perception of what was truly important on our lives was washed clear. I pulled my son from the last fortnight of school and my husband and I handed in our notice. We put our house on the market, lock stock and barrel and we moved in with his parents.

One month later; the Irish economy crashed.

Today, we know the true meaning of joy. We used the money from our house sale to build a home where we could all live together in comfort. My parents in law are poorly but I am their full time carer and have found joy in this job that I never knew in my ‘fancy’ one! My husband has a modest job which pays our way and he is happy. Our blessings are many and can be summed up in one word. Family. I pray that I never give God reason to pull out that neon pink loudhailer again! :smiley:

My second story of prayer answered in God’s own way and time started with insomnia. My son stopped sleeping, then eating. He gave up all his sports, lost weight and missed school. I did what any self-respecting Irish Mammy would do; I made him a ‘tonic’ and tried to get him to eat. He was withdrawn and difficult and I was worried that he was doing drugs or something awful like that.

The answer came with a serious suicide attempt. Again, I believe God helped us as my lad was discovered in the last breath of time due to a very improbable (miraculous) series of coincidences. Thus began the most hellish 18 months of our lives. Our bright, smart and engaging lad was skin and bones, struggled to rise in the morning, wash and attend school. His grades fell off a cliff and his friends stopped calling. My husband and I took our worry out on each other; alternating between arguing and silence. Unable to see past our frantic worry and grief enough to console each other; we retreated into ourselves as we waited for the suicide attempt that would prove ‘successful’.

It was a nightmare time of hospitals, medication, psychiatrists, counsellors and terrifying rushes to hospital. I even had to have my lad arrested and forcibly brought to hospital on one occasion. We live on a quiet lane but many neighbours found occasion to be walking past that day. That almost broke me. My son was dying by inches and nothing we said or did could reach him. It was a nightmare.

I prayed throughout but couldn’t find the clarity of mind to even pray properly. My mind was a screaming siren of grief and panic and I was on my two knees with stress and exhaustion. We all were! I found my way to confession at our local Dominican monastery one day before Saturday evening Mass. I had never been a regular confessor and even today, can’t explain the yearning ache which led me into that confession box.

When the curtain was pulled aside; I burst into tears. I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t control it. Prior Joe asked me to wait one moment and came back to tell me that someone else was saying Mass for him and to take all the time that I needed. I poured out my anger, worry, bitterness and shame to that blessed man and received absolution. He told me to bless my son every day and to pray, pray, pray. He said if all I can do is to cry, ‘Lord, help me!’ I must do it unceasingly until my prayers returned to me. I did and a prayer came to me. It was ‘Lord, please keep Conor safe. Grant him happiness at home and at school’. It became a sort of mantra to me when I was in a state of panic and couldn’t pray.

Gradually, Con came back to us. My prayer was answered; but not as I would have wished. Living in a small village where everyone knew everything; my son decided to move to Dublin to stay with his Nanny. He is safe. He is happy at home and at school; but it is not my home and he changed school.

He is awaiting his exam results and hopes to study to be a social worker. Just last Monday; we got a letter discharging him from Psychiatric Services. Thank God!!

Sorry this was a long-winded story. I wanted to show you that, even in the valley of the shadow of Death; God takes your hand. Prayers ARE answered. Perhaps not immediately; perhaps in a circuitous way and perhaps in a way you dislike but God knows. Trust Him – always!! We each live in the hollow of His hand and His touch is both powerful and gentle.

Thank you for this thread, Tony! I look forward to reading many stories of how God loves us and touches our lives. :slight_smile:

mrsjennymulhall - Thank you for that wonderful story, that was a wonderful confirmation of Faith and Love for God and the direct and indirect results from that Love.

You have the secret to the Love of God :thumbsup: ‘God’s will be done’ or another way to say that Is “God Doeth as He Willeth”!

I agree that a lot of times we do not listen to what God is trying to show us, until one day it reaches the climax and we respond. It is then that the wisdom unfolds and we wonder why we did not get the obvious signs before :blush:

I have similar stories to this one and we will share as the thread progresses, thank you for the reply - God Bless and Regards Tony

mrsjennymulhall - That was saddening but a very rewarding story and a very hopeful outcome. I pray that God blesses this recovery with strong Faith.

I quoted your closing remarks as you have again given the essence of the Love and Trust of God to which we all must aspire to.

There is great Wisdom in Suffering in this life, if this was not so, then Christ Would not have had to suffer. As Christ offered the world the greatest of all suffering to save us from our sinful selves, suffering takes on an important aspect of life.

One way at looking at the wisdom of Love, Pain and Suffering is to reflect how we all come to live in this world.

God Bless and keep those wonderful stories coming! Regards Tony :thumbsup:

This is a story of how when working in Faith for the Love of God amazing rewards are given after prayer and reflection.

My wife and I had sold our home and life to move to a very remote part of Australia to share our Love of God with others. Over time a lot of people shared that Love with us and we got together and built a center to meet and a “Peace Park” for Gardens.

A lot of effort by all was put into this project and the day was approaching where the Official Opening was to happen. There was a large group of people traveling vast distances to attend this opening. Unfortunately the community ran out of funds and we were $750.00 short to finish the benches in the park.

We offered Prayers to God and put the completion in to His hands.

A day before the Opening one of the Friends from a community 1000km away had arrived early and offered a gift from His Community, the gift was the sum of $750.00, the exact amount that was needed to but the remaining materials.

We were able to purchase the materials and finish the work for the opening the following day :thumbsup:

God Bless all and Regards Tony

How wonderful, Tony! I am full of admiration for you and your wife’s decision to ‘up sticks’ and move where God needed you. I’m ashamed to wonder how quickly I would answer that call, if it came…

Your story of the sum you needed being the exact amount donated makes me think of how we are all instruments of God’s grace to each other. How often has a kind word been God’s salve to an injured soul? Like your story; our extra few bob in a donation bucket might mean whole worlds to the recipient!

Your story reminds me of Sr. Concillio’s story…

Sr. Concillio was in a teaching order, but felt called to bring those men and women caught in the net of alcoholism, home to God. She noticed that the ‘tramps’ she met from time to time more often than not were alcoholics; who were they? What had brought them to this? The thought grew within her, day by day until she no longer felt her calling was to teach; but to bring these lost souls through their addictions and home to God.

So, she kept an eye out for a site on which to build a home for these souls. She had faith, her calling and a vision; but not one penny to her name!

Sr. Concillio saw that a large site near the town of Arhy was being auctioned; so she went along and bid like mad until she won the auction. The auctioneer took her aside and asked ‘Sr! Do you have any money’ She replied in the negative and asked for a little time.

She spread the word and; my the appointed day and hour, every penny of the purchase money was raised; plus money to build. Today; ‘Cuan Mhuire’ or Mary’s Harbour provides residential addiction rehabilitation, vocational training and spiritual guidance to many who are addicted; irrespective of background or means. Even better; there are now several Cuan Mhuire around the country! Bless Sr. Concillio for having the nerve to answer God’s call and bid without a penny in her pocket!

Now Tony; ours can’t be the only stories out there! Come along, shy readers! Tell your tale! The tea is brewing and there might be cake if the story’s good! x

Beautiful thread! I’m really enjoying the responses so far.

Will try to chip in a story later…

That is a great story re what Faith can Deliver to a Soul who is Pure in Intent to serve those in need for the Love of God :thumbsup:

Are they not just food for the Soul :smiley: :thumbsup:

I too hope we get a lot more stories, they will be out there :wink:

I have a similar story to Sr. Concillio’s, but it was on a more personal level.

I will not mention Names but give the Story as how Faith can actually move mountains, so to speak :wink: This story is out of a book written by a Person dedicated to the Love of God and about the Faith His Wife also had in this Love.

It was that both these people Loved God and for that Love they were inspired to move to a Location where they could settle and from there dedicate their lives to spreading Gods Word and Love.

They were not long Married and had no money to their name, but apart from the husband, the Wife also had a burning Love for God and complete trust that God would always Provide as God willeth.

They looked for somewhere to stay until a short time later the Wife came upon a house that was to be theirs. They looked through it and it was if the house was already theirs, it was right then they brought it and they put what little they had down as a deposit.

The Husband asked as to how in the world they were to find the rest of the required funds. The Wife did not say much but only to say, if it is to be it will be :blush:

The story goes on a bit, but on the day before they were due to forfeit their deposit a letter and cheque came in the mail which covered the purchase price of the House. It was money from an inheritance that was not known about.

This house became the home base for many years and for many activities that promoted the Love of God.

This is a link to the book in case some one wishes to read it one day - amazon.com/God-Loves-Laughter-William-Sears/dp/0853980195

God Bless all and Regards Tony

This short story is from a friend of mine that shows sometimes that outward appearing Natural Incidents may indeed have a Loving Hand of God behind them.

I have a friend and his wife that were on their way to the Holy Land for Pilgrimage to the Holy Places.

Prior to going on Pilgrimage, one devotes a lot of time to Prayer and Reflection to prepare for the spiritual outpouring one gets upon taking these journeys for the Love of God.

It was that they had one stop over upon the journey and at the stopover booked in and settled in for a nights rest to catch the 1 o’clock flight the next Day.

They arrived at the airport just before midday to find a lot of Irate Passengers that were to be on their fight and soon found out why that was so. They had made a mistake, the flight was indeed 1AM and Not 1PM they were 12 hrs late!

It seems the aircraft had suffered some problems, had been rescheduled and was due to take off exactly 12hrs Late :blush:

Can you imagine the Joy and the indirect bounty that was had from such an amazing co-incident! But I have found these co-incidents do happen quite a lot in life and one can only say “Thank God.” :wink:

God Bless and Regards Tony

This is turning into a chat between you and I Tony; from half a world away! :slight_smile: I will try to lay hands on that book. Thank you!

I love the story of the perfectly timed flight. It made the think of a… let’s call it a ‘debate’ I had with someone. I was chatting to a friend of my brother at a family party and the subject of ‘little miracles’ came up. His opinion was that God (he wasn’t sure He existed) probably didn’t involve Himself in the small business of everyday but dealt with large things like catastrophic floods, wars and diseases.

I thought that God was ALL about the tiny things because it is within the everyday moments of our everyday lives that true love and worship happens. For example; I am a hobby baker. Every time I start a Wedding cake I am terrified that I will make a mistake and upset the bride and groom. I have a little routine that I follow and I try to bake prayers and blessings into every cake.

When I cream the butter and sugar, I ask God to blend these two people together in harmony; each to strengthen and cleave to the other. When I crack in the eggs; I ask Him to help the couple know hardship; just enough to strengthen their love for Him and each other but not enough to curdle their love. I add the flour and beg stability and ask God to give this couple the daily bread they need; temporal and spiritual. I add flavours and spices and hope they enjoy the companionship and fruitfulness of married love. I bake the cake and ask God to temper them in the heat of His love; to be able to protect each other from bad influences and temptations. The decorations are a wish that they may enjoy the riches of life; friendship, laughter, enough of everything they need and plenty of time to grow old together.

I have never (please God!) ruined a wedding cake yet! :slight_smile:

When I told my brother’s friend this; he was a bit scandalised! Quite apart from the religious persuasion of my couples; he felt God had better things to do than help me bake my cakes!!

I respectfully disagree. We all bring God the work of our hands and need His help to make this work a perfect prayer. Whether you paint walls; build houses; bake; raise your family or carpenter, like Jesus did; your work can be a prayer of praise and thanksgiving. Many times; I’ve made mistakes; almost run out of time, been tired and fed up and felt I could scream if I had to make ONE MORE SUGAR ROSE!!! :eek: When I reach out to my Lord, He is there. Calm descends, the fondant glides on smoothly; the roses look nice. Are these tiny everyday miracles anything I need to write to the Vatican about? No! :slight_smile: They are the secret language between me and God. I know that He walks with me, over hard ground like the 18 months of painful worry I described above, but also in my small everyday struggles.

I’m sorry if my ‘Theology of the Kitchen’ is offensive to anyone. I can see God’s love writ in small things - but it is EVERYWHERE!!!

mrsjennymulhall - Greetings from the Land Down Under, yes but it is a good chat :thumbsup: :smiley: I did quote you on your comments above, that is a wonderful look at Gods Bounty in our Lives

I would hope others can cast aside the reason why they may not be posting and embrace the intent which is How to Love our God over all else!

By the way I agree and there are millions that would agree with you :thumbsup:

I now think that we are so connected to God through the Word, that everything is known, every little thought does not escape scrutiny, every action has a reaction.

We are told we must replace every wayward thought with a pure thought, why would this be so? I now believe it is because all our thoughts have influence on the whole.

We are like a Body and every function of that body makes the whole work. If we are a bit ill then the body still works but not to full capacity.

Mankind is now critically ill and only the remedy of an All Skilled physician can now heal us. We have to Love like never before, we have to bring total Morality back into our lives and let deeds be our adorning, not words.

Deeds are the medicine, words of man are but vain an empty.

Here is another story that show how life’s coincidences aid a person whose only intent is to Love God and Share His Word. It is again a story of my Friend (I was Working for him at this time back at the end of the 1980’s).

My friend had set up a business to sell Fruit and Vegetables and this was a weekly trip from the Coast to remote Towns. the idea was to earn income while branching out and sharing Gods Word. In the end the trip was to many towns and one way was up to 1200km, making it a 2400km round trip in 3 1/2 days.

He had started the run in around 1983, I started doing this trip for him in 1986 and ended when He sold the Business in 1990. In all this time there was so many times when hardship was had and many urgent moments, as you could imagine when you are trucking and selling perishables. Many Prayers were said over this time and every time the situation was resolved and the run continued every week for the entire time not missing one trip.

In 1990 two people brought the run from my friend, there intention was to own a very profitable business that was now very well established. The purpose for what my friend had started the business for had now been put aside.

After a few months the wet season again set in and for the first time since the run started a Flood of Rain closed the Roads for 13 weeks. (I now lived in the Town that was cut off from the floods).

To me a confirmation how the world has many amazing coincidences that to me are attuned to gods Will.

God Bless and Regards Tony

How is everyone? :thumbsup:

Has no one else got a wonderful story of Faith and Love in God :shrug:

This story also happened back in around 1986. It is a story which the end is not known, but a funny look at how God May Guide a Soul.

At this time there were a few people scattered amongst the local towns who were actively engaged in trying to spread the Love of God. The Towns were Kuranda, Mareeba, Atherton and Malanda. From Malanda it is still about 375km to Townsville.

These towns are about 20km apart and on a Main Route up from Cairns through the Tablelands and then down to the Coast to Townsville. It happened on this day that there was a Hitchhiker who had done a day shopping at Kuranda and was now on the way down to Townsville (Around 400km from Kuranda)

Lesson 1 - The Hitchhiker had the thumb out in Kuranda and He was picked up by a friend who could take him to Mareeba and thus this friend Told this Soul about God and dropped Him off at Mareeba.

Lesson 2 - It just so Happened that a little while later another friend was traveling from Mareeba to Atherton and saw this man looking for a ride to which he obliged! This friend also let this Man know about God and His Love and dropped Him off in Atherton.

Lesson 3 - Some time later, then low and behold if I was not the next person to give this man a lift from Atherton to Malanda all the while not letting a chance go by. It was quite funny actually, because when I asked the question how do you feel about God, He replied “How many of you are there around here, this is the third time today”. It is then I found out as to who had previously picked Him up. The discussion was great and He was very open to this Love.

Thus He was dropped off in Malanda never to be heard of again, from memory a German Backpacker!

When I told the mates we had a good old merry time as you could imagine and even today we comment on this event and ponder what did happen to this fellow? God really wanted Him to Hear about the Love that can be shared! :thumbsup: :wink:

God Bless all and Regards Tony

One time, I had to make wudu in one of the bathrooms in the Air Canada Centre. I was there to see a hockey game, but when it came time for salat, I had to perform wudu at one of the sinks in the men’s washroom. For those who don’t know, wudu/ablution is a cleaning ritual that muslims do before one of the five daily prayers. It includes, but is not limited to, washing your feet.

Subhanallah. I was absolutely terrified of the looks I would get…maybe they would kick me out; all kinds of things could’ve happened. :shrug:

However, it went really smoothly. Maybe one or two people looked, but that’s it. I’m convinced that Allah azza wa jal strengthened my heart at that moment because I know that on a regular day, I would not have had the courage to make wudu at a public bathroom, let alone in a popular building where thousands of people are. Alhamdulillah! :slight_smile:

Great :wink: Yes God gives us strength to do what we would not normally do :thumbsup: - When it is for Love the reward is the action - God Bless and thank you for the story! Regards Tony

I read this today on a Message Forum where people share thoughts re Faith and God. I considered that it tied in great to the thoughts by mrsjennymulhall that are posted above. Thus I post it here as to me it is well worth the thought. (Slightly edited to take out names and references not applicable to the overall thought)

"Driving past a school run by a religious organization x a number of weeks ago, they had posted a quote for all to read and their saying for that time was:

"If God had a fridge, your picture would be on it."

When in the throes of a test, whether during or after, the process can appear daunting, chaotic (internally), emotional, confusing, and other “things” as we struggle to find the right way through it. Sometimes, we know it is a test as we are being tested. Sometimes we do not till afterward, when we realize our success or otherwise at dealing with it.

O what an honour, what a privilege, what a joy, that God, Who has all matters in His hands from the rhythm of the universe to the tiniest atom, that He, despite His over-arching Brightness, at the same time loves each one of such that that He tailors individual tests for such a creature as one of us. Though a teacher at school may provide some individual tuition, the lessons are generic, the tests generic, and the results based on that generic-ness. Here we have God who teaches each one of us individually as an individual. If we were in a company, what General Manager or Chief Executive Officer will provide such attention to every individual employee.

Unlike a school, where it is a simple pass or fail, the tests that God, in his bounteous Mercy and Love, provides us with are repeated. If we have passed, one more time as an exultant congratulations. If we have not passed, then the lesson from the previous test may be thought of as a cheat-sheet, that we may be better placed to pass the next round. How many schools, colleges and universities allow one to take a cheat-sheet into exams? Not only that, but if we ask Him, He will even help us pass the test - how many exams in educational institutions that will give you the answers to the questions to ensure that you succeed?

We know that every test is within our capacity, in fact. It is only in theory that the generic tests in our educational institutions are in our capability, for everyone is thought of the same, and one sinks or swims alone as a result. God instead tailors a test to our own individual capacity. How glorious, how wonderful. And we likewise know that, should we not pass, no matter how badly we may feel we have failed, yet we know that such is the confidence of God in our ability that He will give is another chance, free from any perceived taint from the previous attempt. What mortal educator will allow his student unlimited attempts? Yet God does.

But what is the eventual goal of every test? To learn to place our complete trust in God, to put our full reliance in Him. And, to learn how to ask God how best we may pass through, not just our tests, but our every waking moment. For each test but shows us how we may become selfless in His Path, and thus better positioned to become that “hollow reed” spoken of in a well-known prayer.

And then, to top it all off, O glorious One is He, no matter how badly we feel we may have sinned in our not passing a test, He has such love for each one as an individual that He will simply wipe the slate clean if we ask. All we had to do was repent, and all would be forgiven us. Thus we may remain utterly assured that, if our intention and motive and motivation is right, we can restart with a clean slate.

Is there any wonder that we all love our Father such that we would give our all for Him?

What wonderful thoughts - God Bless all and Regards Tony

The prayer as mentioned in the Thread Above - “Hollow Reed”

“Oh, God, make me a hollow reed, from which the pith of self hath been blown so that I may become as a clear channel through which Thy Love may flow to others. I have left behind me impatience and discontent. I will chafe no more at my lot. I commit myself wholly into thy hands, for thou are my Guide in the desert, the Teacher of my ignorance, the Physician of my sickness. I am a soldier in my King’s army. I have given up my will to Him and my life to dispose of as He may please. I know not what fate Thou deignest for me, nor will inquire or seek to know. The task of the day suffices for me, and all the future is Thine. Thou changest weakness to strength, doubt to faith, perplexity to understanding. When I am fit to bear the burden, Thou wilt lay it on my shoulders. When I am prepared to take the field, Thou wilt assign me a place in the Army of Light. Now I have no other duty than to equip myself for Thy Service. With eagerness and patience, with hope and gratitude, I bend to the task of the hour, lest when Thy call comes I be found unready”. (Author Unknown)

I also found this one which is great as well

"I am a soldier in my King’s Army; I have given up my will to Him, and my life is His to dispose of as He may please.

I know not what fate Thou designest for me, not what work Thou hast ordained for me, nor will I enquire nor seek to know. The task of the day suffices for me, and all the future is Thine.

Little by little Thou trainest me. Little by little Thou changest weakness to strength, doubt to faith, perplexity to understanding. When I am fit to bear the burden Thou wilt lay it on my shoulders. When I am prepared to take the field Thou wilt assign me a place in Thy army of Light. Now I have no other duty than to equip myself for Thy service.

With eagerness and patience, with hope and gratitude I bend to the task of the hour lest when Thy call to battle comes I be found unready".

God Bless all and Regards Tony

Is not the Love of God a funny thing? :wink:

This is a story of a post on a Forum that was brimming with the Love of God. It was posted by a visitor that Loved God with all His Heart and Soul but did not Profess the Name by which the Forum Hosted. The story has not ended, but it is interesting to sum it up to date!

The Intent was to impart that the Love of God Transcends the barriers we erect in Gods Name, the Hope was that God was still to be Found amongst all the Loyal Participants in the Forum.

There was hope as there was response from a wonderful Soul who embraced the concept of sharing this Love, this Soul also invited others to Join in, to which another was attracted to do so. Alas as the days rolled on there was silence.

Not deterred the Poster continued with the outpouring of the Love to all, in all hope that this Love would break down the barriers that had been erected.

Thus is this the story to date and leaves the questions asked, will the Love that all Have for God evaporate the clouds of Division, or will these Clouds veil us for evermore? :shrug:

God bless all that add to this story, Please God Inspire all that do not. - Regards Tony

Mrsjennymulhall, those were lovely stories. Thank you for taking the time to write them.

I’m a new Catholic and I wish I could share what’s it’s like to become Catholic as an adult. I wasn’t raised a Christian (my mom is atheist and very liberal) so it was all the more dramatic for me to become a Christian when I was in my twenties. It took me twenty years to find my way to Catholicism. My mom is angry because she hates Catholicism (my dad’s religion). When she divorced him, when I was was just a baby, she divorced his religion as well. It makes life interesting, I suppose. She said that she “wanted my brothers and I to have a choice” so she didn’t raise us in any religion, even though she was raised Protestant, but she is mistaken. She clearly DID raise us to be atheists and anti-Catholic, like her. I wish parents realized that regardless of their excuses, you either raise your child with God, or you raise your child without God (or even against God).

Our son led the charge, so to speak, when he started Catholic school in kindergarten, and I followed along right behind him. My husband is working his way into the Church now, too. My dad is beside himself with joy to see us become Catholic. He is finally working his way back to the Church and says that we inspired him.

My husband and I are both similar in our upbringing but we are very happy now that we are finally home. So many times, there have been hints and paths presented to us and so many times we hesitated out of fear or unfamiliarity. Little hints weren’t taken so, like you, we had to be told loudly and unmistakably where to go.

Your ‘theology of the kitchen’ is not at all offensive; it’s inspiring. I am trying to learn how to make the simple tasks a prayer to God. It’s easy when I feed the hungry cattle, but harder when I am cleaning up after the horses or stripping the chicken coop.

Sometimes, I envy those who have enjoyed the presence of Christ at mass all their lives. I wish the tepid Catholics could see Catholicism the way I do. Sometimes, you don’t know what you have when it’s always been there for you.

I know the darkness and what it means to have your soul locked up in a small, dusty corner of your heart. Now, that soul seems too big for my heart and dances and plays in the sun.

I am studying Irish (Connacht dialect) through a university in New York (distance learning for me since I am in another state). We wanted to teach our son a second language when he was little and since we live in a rural area, all language classes are equally inaccessible, so we picked Irish mostly because of the professor we contacted. He goes back to Ireland every summer (Galway). The Irish professor is very kind and gets along well with my son and I. After we worked through half of the textbook, I asked him if he could teach me the prayers in Irish. I never could have done that in a college setting. I love the way Our Blessed Mother has her own name in Irish.

lutheran farmer - Thank you for your story - Finding God in our lives and undertaking our lives in and for that Knowledge is what Life is all about :thumbsup:

God Bless and Regards Tony

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